Hotel Casa del Mar –  Oceanfront Luxury in Santa Monica

Hotel Casa del Mar –  Oceanfront Luxury in Santa Monica

Hotel Casa del Mar drops a major hint about the view from your room just by reading its address. For nearly 100 years, 1910 Ocean Way stands as one of Santa Monica’s most exclusive hotel residences.

Guests revel in stimulating ever-changing views from this historically elegant eight-story property. From all four sides of this luxury oasis there are ocean, beach, and pool settings that are sure to remind that you’re basking in Southern California chic.

Hotel Casa del Mar’s massive oceanfront is the headliner, offering a fluid landscape of al fresco dining, beachcombers, surfers, and the world’s only solar-powered Ferris Wheel in the distance. Once the doorman welcomes you in, that’s when your eyes, ears, and soul are in for a feel-good treat.

A Grand Entrance

Hotel Casa Del Mar lobby

Mediterranean, Italian, and American architecture become one as you gaze up at Casa del Mar’s grand stairway. The sweeping double staircase flanks a Venetian chandelier and stopping dead in your tracks at this stunning entrance is the norm, not the exception.

A glance around the hotel’s sun filtered main floor reveals a stately concierge desk, original artwork, and a cozy cabana-styled sitting area for business deals, happy hour, or a late night cocktail. Speaking of cocktails, the Lobby Bar is a vibrant spot for gazing at the Pacific Ocean seascape by day or sipping one of the Casa del Mar’s refreshing drinks by night. By the way, you can’t go wrong ordering their Lemon Meringue Martini.

Your hotel first impression is sure to bring a smile, because the Casa del Mar’s staff is on a quiet mission toward a mutual admiration pact. Personable, professional, and problem solving are just a few of the words that capture the amiable attitude of this finely trained team.

Rooms Like No Other

Hotel Casa Del Mar suite

In the split second after you open your Casa del Mar room door for the first time, elation is just one of the feelings that washes over you. A fresh white interior embraces finishing touches unlike anywhere you’ve stayed before.

An ocean view, a four-poster bed, original artwork, and pearl white cabinetry are immediate connectors. Look further and discover your bookcase contains editions that, in some cases, date back more than 100 years. You’re comforted by this interior design jewel in which every inch is dedicated to a vibe, a theme, and a thoughtful welcome for each new lucky guest.

The bathrooms feature Italian marble and a huge Hydrotherapy tub. There’s even a bathroom mini bar for those who love the luxury of special bath and spa products.

It seems like the Casa del Mar has thought of everything to make your stay extraordinary.

Make a Dining Memory

Hotel Casa Del Mar dining

A wall of glass is the only thing separating your hotel breakfast, lunch, and dinner experience from the great outdoors. Beyond the glass is the Hotel Casa del Mar’s amazing beach and the call of the Pacific Ocean. You’ve entered a round-the-clock environment that offers Southern California sunshine by day and a blanket of stars by night.

Whether you dine at the Terrazza Lounge for Mediterranean cuisine or the Catch Restaurant for fresh sushi or seafood, realize you’ll be enjoying an atmosphere that has thrilled Casa del Mar guests for nearly 100 years. Soft conversation, great food, ocean waves, and fine Terrazza musicians combine to satisfy your palette and elevate your senses.

Hospitality The Ocean Way

Hotel Casa Del Mar beach dining

The Casa del Mar team has built a century-long reputation for making your Santa Monica stay something special. If you’re looking to spread your wings a bit, ask about experiences like the Sea Wellness Spa, yoga on the beach, dining outdoors at the Patio del Mar, or visiting Shutters: the hotel’s sister property next door.

Beyond Casa del Mar, you can arrange for a Classic Car drive, walk to one of the dozens of nearby art galleries, or visit the Bay Aquarium at the Santa Monica Pier. If convenience and exercise are tops on your list, stroll along Santa Monica’s famed boardwalk right outside the hotel’s door.

1910 Ocean Way is Santa Monica’s most iconic address for experiencing oceanfront luxury since 1926. If your next Southern California escape calls for Five-Star service, unmatched history, and views that stretch for miles, there’s no place like Hotel Casa del Mar.