Hotel Room with Your Own Private Picasso at Aman Sveti Stefan

Hotel Room with Your Own Private Picasso at Aman Sveti Stefan

Aman Sveti Stefan, the exclusive 15th century island resort in Montenegro, is exhibiting over 60 works by Picasso, Chagall and Miro.

This  is a unique experience for a last-minute luxury traveler or art lover looking for the ultimate summer booking.

The exhibition can only be seen by guests at the resort. Originally booked for the month of June, the exhibition has now been extended to run through August and into September due to demand.

Sveti Stefan is a fortified village with cobbled lanes, handsome courtyards and serene sea views. Hand-restored stone buildings house the 50 Rooms, Cottages and Suites on the island.

More than 60 original lithographs by Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall and Joan Miró will be on display around the island resort including some guests suites.

Guests can arrive on Sveti Stefan in the resort’s private helicopter, a brand new fleet of A-class Mercedes Benz or by speedboat.

Resort owner Petros Stathis said: “We wanted to mark this season at the resort with something genuinely special. This is the chance to experience some of the most beautiful art of the last century over dinner, our beautiful piazza or on the wall of your private suite.”