Hotel Ziggy, Hottest Hotel on the Sunset Strip, Awarded LIV Hospitality Award

Hotel Ziggy, Hottest Hotel on the Sunset Strip, Awarded LIV Hospitality Award

Garnering much success since its high-profile, multi-million dollar renovation that was completed April 27, 2022,  Hotel Ziggy has been recognized by the LIV Hospitality Design Awards, which celebrates the highest quality and diversity of architecture and interior design in the hospitality industry.

Located at the heart of LA’s iconic Sunset Strip, Hotel Ziggy encompasses the rebellious spirit of the West Hollywood music scene, boasting a sense of sophisticated grit and design inspired by rock ‘n’ roll. Conceptualized by the international, award-winning design team of Dawson Design Associates (DDA), every element of the space is designed to honor and support the rebellious and independent attitude of musicians’ fight to be heard. By stripping the building down to its bones, the newly renovated area has cleansed itself of superficial layers. Now, powerful street murals wrap the front exterior of the building, the courtyard surrounding the pool, and the main lobby spaces, together expressing the vitality and rebelliousness of the music scene.

As an eclectic mix of a vintage 1970’s neighborhood record store and an amateur recording studio, Hotel Ziggy fuses a cocktail lounge, pizza joint, music venue and lobby, where hotel guests are invited to check-in at a sociable and engaging bar lined with hundreds of vinyl albums. Filled with record-playing tunes from every genre, Hotel Ziggy has created a versatile music venue called “Backbeat,” which supports local musicians and invites them to come and share their sound in a new space to rise above the noise. It has already welcomed the likes of notable rock musicians as both performers and patrons, such as Dave Navarro, Matt Sorum, Leif Garrett, Pink Floyd’s Scott Page, Haley Reinhart, David Hernandez, Nine Inch Nails’ Alex Carapetis, DJs like Pookie and James Kennedy, and many more, with celebrities like Malin Akerman, King Bach, Keith Powers, Zac Efron, Lamorne Morris and more frequenting the new hotel lounge.

The outdoor patio was designed to be reminiscent of a 1960’s Hippie herb garden while the 10’ diameter ‘vinyl album’ wrapping around the carhop pick-up  pizza window of B-Side Pizza speaks to the 1950’s when the building was built. Hotel Ziggy boasts the largest saltwater pool in West Hollywood, which is another platform to democratize music with live sets performed by up-and-coming DJs. In alignment with its “free the music” mantra, Hotel Ziggy offers guests access to a Shred Shed that includes electric and acoustic guitars, amps, records, record players, and Walkmans to use while finding inspiration or sharing creativity with others.

As a place for musicians to take a stand and celebrate the importance of experimental music on our culture and society, Hotel Ziggy is a nod to the ionic musician, David Bowie, a.k.a. Ziggy Stardust. Known for going against the norms and experimenting with music, identity, and gender, Hotel Ziggy celebrates  Bowie’s rebellious progressive spirit and originality, showcased with a prominent cameo on the exterior above the front entrance.

Hotel Ziggy is available to book now, inclusive of their redesigned standard rooms, poolside “Swim Up” rooms, and remodeled, rocking hotel suites. For more information, visit and follow @hotelziggy on Instagram.