Stunning New Book Captures the Glory Days of Airlines

Stunning New Book Captures the Glory Days of Airlines
And just as Don Draper crafted the messaging for Mohawk Airlines, the real Madmen of the 1960's (such as Ivan Chermayeff, Saul Bass and Mary Wells Lawrence) were hard at work showing the public that the airline industry was the most glamorous and luxurious way to travel.

Now for the first time, the advertising of this revolutionary period has been captured in the new book Airline Visual Identity 1945 - 1975 by Matthias C. Hühne. The book carefully curates the work of prestigious designers and advertising luminaries, taking the reader back in time to witness the glory days of the airline industry. This incredible large format book (which measures 12.2” x 16.1”) painstakingly reproduces the best examples of commercial art from the period to give the reader a museum-like experience.

Accompanying the amazing artwork in Airline Visual Identity 1945 – 1975 is a series of well researched case studies that provide unique insight into the design and advertising methods of an era when airlines were considered the most glamorous business sector and quality was the main criterion for selecting a flight.

Airline Visual Identity 1945 – 1975 captivates readers with:

• Chapters dedicated to every major airline of the period
• Stunning, large scale reproductions of airline advertising posters
• Concise descriptions of how airline corporate designs evolved over time
• State of the art printing techniques that capture the work of famous designers with all the quality of the originals
• An appreciation for the aesthetics that characterized the glory days of the airline industry
• Well researched commentary on how advertising and airlines evolved together

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