How Bernadette Schaeffler Fine-Tunes the Notion of Luxury

How Bernadette Schaeffler Fine-Tunes the Notion of Luxury

Coming soon is that special time of the year when we get preoccupied with gift ideas for the nearing Thanksgiving and Christmas. If your ideas are along the lines of luxury goods, home wear, fashion jewelry, handbags, and if you don’t want to waste your precious time on a long and tiresome search, Bernadette Schaeffler’s online store has a lot to offer you.

Unlike many other retailers who mainly deal in mass products, Bernadette Schaeffler specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind items crafted in small batches by European artisans. Bernadette was born in Germany and fell for luxury goods at a young age. For her, luxury is not necessarily associated with the big names such as Hermes, Chanel, Bulgari, etc.; Bernadette hand-picks her ware from sometimes unknown yet unique artisans who put their talent, time, centuries-old tradition into producing premium-quality products.

Bernadette Schaeffler Collection LLC was founded as a family-owned luxury brand in 2011. For five years, the brand had a store in Dallas’s design district but later, in the wake of the pandemic-induced social restrictions, decided to go online entirely. The idea behind the brand is to turn every home and every room into a masterpiece by appointing it with elegant, premium-quality, chic products. As the approach to luxury continues to be less formal, more personal, and increasingly defined by people’s interests and mindset, Bernadette’s take on exclusivity built upon tradition, craftsmanship, and uniqueness appeals to the select group of the brand’s patrons. As famous brand names do not have the same appeal as before, a quieter admiration in the comfort of one’s home is becoming more common and accepted than showing off somebody’s next luxury possession. Genuine art collectors are known to admire their priceless possessions in solitude or surrounded by a select group of near and dear. The same is true of the exclusive goods offered by Bernadette Schaeffler.  “I personally select one-of-a-kind items from master craftsmen around the world,” explains Bernadette. The result of her thorough search of classics worldwide is the unique collection of chosen goods—home wear, fashion jewelry, clothing, and soon, handbags—that represent a blend of the old-world classics with modern simplicity.

As we were navigating Bernadette Schaeffler’s website, we fell in love with too many items. Among those we could not tear our eyes off was such a regular staple as a Nespresso machine. However, this one was clad in the finest printed calfskin with a diamond quilt pattern, an attire that promoted it to a royal status among coffee machines. We also came across luxury handmade gym weights with leather inserts and walnut grips. Those items, however, were made to order; clients chose the trim. Those are just a few examples of the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection’s spectacular specimen.

As the concept of luxury is becoming less about products and brands consumers want to own and more about who they want to be, Bernadette Schaeffler is among the early adepts of that trend as its products help its customers live up to their concept of luxury.  To learn more about the brand, visit their website and Instagram.

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