How Emerging Brand Locherber Milano is Redefining Luxury Home Fragrance

How Emerging Brand Locherber Milano is Redefining Luxury Home Fragrance

“Nothing is more memorable than a smell,” once said famed American poet Diane Ackerman, a romanticism of what is undeniably scientific fact. Statistically speaking, 75 percent of all emotions felt by humans are created thanks to scent, with those memories lingering 100 times more powerfully than those created by sight, sound or touch. Inspired by the profound importance of smell in the minds of humanity, emerging Italian home fragrance company Locherber Milano was founded in effort to bring the deep sensory experience of scent home through its luxurious range of fragrances, all presented in an unparalleled upscale design.

Locherber Milano’s products are completely handmade in Italy, including the ultra-modern hand-painted glass bottles, the wide variety of patented lids made from different types of woods and marbles from around the World, such as White or Green Onyx, Briccola wood (recycled from the sea-poles in Venice used for boat navigation) or Banksia from Australia. These lids are crafted to perfection by the brand’s artisans who make sure that every single detail combines itself with the bespoke fragrances and modern design of the overall products.

Striving for the extraordinary, each individual scent from Locherber Milano’s line invokes a distinct memory and ethos where its ingredients were sourced from, like Habana Tobacco’s incredible blend of honey and tobacco, perfectly replicating a warm Cuban night. The fragrances likewise come in a variety of vessels to choose from, from diffusers to Eau de Parfum to candles, perfectly customizable to fit any setting.

It’s no surprise the Italian fragrance brand catapulted to success so rapidly -- founded by the Baerlocher family’s renowned Cosval Group, nearly 50 years of expertise in the industry were put into Locherber Milano by Stefano and Brigitte Baerlocher, the family’s third generation of Swiss entrepreneurs who are running the business today. Intent on bringing in premium craftsmanship and Italian history into the venture, Cosval has gone above and beyond to give consumers a wide range of high-end fragrances and handcrafted products for the body, home and habitat. This is ultimately designed to elevate one’s emotional state and general wellbeing. Locherber Milano is today a leader in its category, boasting an exclusive global footprint.

To be transported back in time and across the world to a beloved memory, search for your next luxury fragrance with Locherber Milano. The enticing collection is available for purchase at the brand’s flagship store in Milan and its boutique in Rome, as well as available online for all international scent connoisseurs.