How Much Time is Saved by Flying Private Jet?

How Much Time is Saved by Flying Private Jet?

When escaping to exotic climes, how soon we can get there is important. We don’t want long queues or extensive delays. We want speedy travel to get us to where we’re going and to get our break or business meeting underway, hassle-free.

If traveling by air, private jets have a reputation for offering a faster service. But is this true? Here is a look at how much time is really saved by flying private.

Easy Access

Private jets are served by over 5,000 airports in America alone. That’s approximately 4,450 more than the number that commercial flights land at in the States. This cuts travel times to airports that fly to where you’re traveling to as you’re sure to find one closer to home.

In addition, private means you can be in charge of your own schedule. Should you have an evening event in New York followed by a breakfast meeting in London, you can charter your flight to suit your own plans. By not having to wait around for connecting flights to where you need to be next, you’re saving time that can be spent arranging your next meeting. 

Quick Check-In

When flying to your destination, there are plenty of protocols to go through, even if you’re traveling business class. From immigration and security to baggage check-in and passport control, you’ll spend time queuing before you board. 

For those flying by private jet, the chances are you’ll also be using a private terminal, too. This means that the check-in process is shorter. In fact, it’s significantly shorter. While it can often take hours between arriving at the airport and taking-off, this is whittled down to a matter of minutes for those flying via private jet, with customers rarely having to spend more than 15 minutes going through the check-in process.

Getting There

Once you’re in the air, things can move faster. Generally, private jets move faster than commercial planes because they are designed with efficiency in mind. So even though not all private jets can fly quicker than commercial, they are flying at higher altitudes so that they can avoid air traffic and follow a route that bypasses any congestion. Also, fuel consumption is not as important as speed, so private flights are more likely to tear through the skies.

Straight to Arrivals

Like checking-in, the arrivals process is generally a faster and smoother procedure. This is due to factors such as not having to wait for your belongings to trundle along the baggage claim carousel and security proceedings are taken care of on the other side. Plus, the airport you arrive at will likely be at a location that’s convenient to you, so this speeds things up too.

Will you be traveling private jet for your next trip around the globe? What time-saving perks are you most looking forward to?