How private aviation connects to remote destinations in Europe

How private aviation connects to remote destinations in Europe

Connectivity to Europe has never been better. There are dozens of daily flights connecting U.S. passengers with the main capitals in the continent, getting to places like Madrid, Paris, London or Berlin on a nonstop flight. But what happens if you want to move to a more remote destination afterwards or connect with a country where the next direct flight departs in two days? Under this scenario is when private aviation is second to none, granting visiting travelers in Europe the possibility to experience the utmost flexibility and time-efficiency where a private jet will be waiting for you as you step off your scheduled flight from the US, to take you directly and in style to your final destination.

Europair, a private jet charter specialist based in Spain, has been moving passengers for 24 years throughout Europe, especially to those destinations with low or no commercial aircraft connectivity, allowing clients the possibility to board in only minutes, thus avoiding long check-in lines and massively concurred terminals, and enjoy a tailored flight with top-notch comfort, privacy and extreme flexibility. “We’ve been taking passengers to every corner in Europe. You name the place and we will get you there”, states Gerardo Manzano, CEO of Europair.

For instance, there are no commercial flights from the US to sunny Amalfi Coast (Italy), due to runway limitations for larger aircraft. To get there, commercial passengers need to fly to Napoli via another European Hub and then travel on. Far too many stops, far too few options. The right private aircraft can go nonstop from any point in Europe to Salerno Airport right next to Amalfi, reducing the total travel length in many hours, eliminating the grueling waits at airports and allowing passengers to arrive fresh to destination.

Another example is getting to the city called the home of golf. Saint Andrews, home to only 17,000 people and located north of Edinburgh in Scotland, has limited direct connections from major cities in the continent. How to get there? Well, by traveling plenty of hours via two or three connections depending on the starting point. The other option? Yes, private aviation. One direct flight to nearby Dundee and you are just 30 minutes away from the place that supposedly gave birth to golf itself centuries ago.

“Flying private is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Traveling within Europe to more remote locations can pay a toll on your body due to long hours at airports and aboard connecting flights. Why get to see only one destination when you can visit two or three? That’s the essence of private aviation and it’s great value for money”, concludes Manzano from Europair.

Whatever the case, whether you’re after snow, sun and beaches, cuisine or a specific sport, you can rely on private aviation to get you there. And not only for leisure purposes; there’s an increasing demand for business flights within Europe as well, when time is of the essence and flight delays might translate into a lost meeting or a potential new business. It’s also called business aviation for a reason…

Would you like to know the rates of a private flight to your dream destination in Europe? Visit Europair’s website and get an instant quote with price, type of aircraft and availability here or download the Europair Jets app