How to Achieve the Irish Look: Style Tips for Women

How to Achieve the Irish Look: Style Tips for Women

Irish fashion is a unique, timeless style that has been embraced by the Irish people for centuries. What makes it unique is the fact that it incorporates traditional elements such as tweed, plaid, and tartan patterns in its clothing and combines them with more modern pieces like tailored jackets and dresses. If you like to be comfortable but also stay stylish at the same time, the Irish look is the perfect choice for you and here are some tips on how you can achieve it!

Choose the right color and pattern

Choosing the right colors and patterns when shopping is key to embrace the classy and fashionable Irish fashion. When looking for new garments for your wardrobe, give preference to colors like green, blue, brown, and black, and all of their shades. These colors can be usually seen in the plaids and tartans that are used to create pieces such as jackets, coats, trousers, or skirts. When it comes to patterns, they play an important role in Irish fashion as well, as they’re not only beautiful, but they also preserve the traditional designs as well. The most common print is the Aran knit pattern that typically features cable stitches and diamond shapes that bring texture to any garment.

Select the right design

Irish garments come in many different styles and fits, so choosing the right one that is perfect for your body shape and fashion taste should be a priority. For example, you can get a tweed herringbone skirt for a traditional, classy look, or a knit mini dress with an Aran pattern that will make your outfit seem modern and trendy. Whether you prefer ageless crew neck Aran sweaters or linen blouses in pastel colors that are in vogue, the women’s Irish clothing collection you can fine on Shamrockgift have something for everyone. Thanks to how versatile Irish patterns are, it is fairly easy to combine them with modern clothing and make them a part of any outfit without it seeming “too much”.

Accessorize smartly

Accessories play a crucial part in the Irish style, so getting the perfect pieces that help you put together chic and fashionable looks without spending too much time in the morning. Irish caps are an absolute must in anyone’s wardrobe and they come in so many styles, that it would be impossible not to find the perfect one for you. For spring and summer days, Irish caps made of cotton and linen are the best option, while those made of tweed and wool blends are the best for the especially cold months of the year. Scarves are also an essential in every Irish woman’s closet, particularly those featuring Celtic elements, as they can be worn to show off the heritage in an appealing manner. Lastly, jewelry is not to be forgotten when putting together an outfit, and thankfully there are lots of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that feature traditional designs like the Celtic cross, the Tree of Life, and the Claddagh that will be the best additions to any Irish look.