How to Get a Free Flight Upgrade

How to Get a Free Flight Upgrade

After a couple of years of severe travel restrictions, millions of people up and down the UK are gearing up to go on their holidays in 2022. Whether it be for a week’s sunbathing, a short city break or a couple of months exploring a different continent, the chance to travel again is one that’s being welcomed by many.

Of course, that sometimes means getting up at ungodly hours to get to the airport and, when you do, you might be faced with long queues – so give yourself plenty of time! But it’ll all be worth it when you get there and – who knows? – you might even be afforded the luxury of a free flight upgrade. It might sound like something that’s too good to be true but they do exist; here are a few things that you can do to improve your chances of getting your holiday off to the perfect start.

Be loyal

Sticking with the same airline for most of your flights can prove beneficial in a number of ways. If it consistently provides a good service then it can be comforting to know exactly what sort of experience you’re in for once you board. Not only that but showing your loyalty can be rewarded in the form of prioritization for any available upgrades, as well discounted rates in the future. This isn’t always the case, however, so, if you have plans to fly regularly over long distances that will rack up pricier fares, you ought to assess your financial options.

Fly alone

Some upgrades are given when economy spaces are oversubscribed, so the airlines have to find somewhere else to put their passengers who wouldn’t otherwise have a seat. If you’re flying solo, you have more chance of bagging one of these upgrades than if you’re traveling as a large group. It also pays to be flexible, as you may be entitled to an upgrade if you agree to forego the flight on which you were originally scheduled to be traveling.


Sometimes, the simplest way is the most effective! When you arrive at the check-in desk, why not try your luck and see if they have any upgrades they can offer you? At such late notice, they may be more than happy to fill the empty seats, so there’s no harm in asking – you have nothing to lose! If you’re flying for a specific reason – for example, to celebrate a honeymoon or an anniversary – make sure to let the airline staff know as it may improve your chances of being bumped up. After all, it’s good PR for them and it gets your trip off to a great start!