How to be a Safety Conscious Traveler

How to be a Safety Conscious Traveler

Travel has taken a new meaning in the new normal, and you have to prioritize safety above everything else. The usual threats are still there, and you have the virus to deal with. Pandemic or no pandemic, it makes sense to be a safety-conscious traveler. You must pay even more attention if embarking on a high-risk journey. You have to understand the threats and deal with them with the right approach. You can check Bulletproof Zone for the best protective gear to wear that is allowed when you travel. Here are some ways you can go the extra mile to be a safety-conscious traveler.

Know the destination

Before you hit the road or board a flight, you must gather as much information as possible about your destination. The internet is the best place to start. Check facts such as crime rates, dangerous areas, and federal laws. If you plan to travel to a high-violence city or country, learn whether you can legally carry and wear a bullet proof vest there. You will definitely feel more secure when you have it on. At present, you must also check the status of COVID infections and surges at the destination.

Follow the basic safety rules

This one is a no-brainer because you can be safe by following the basic safety rules. Stay at a centrally-located accommodation and avoid shady hotels even though they may be cheap. Do not get too friendly with strangers and never share food or drinks with them. Be in touch with someone back home if you are traveling solo because the risk runs a tad higher. Stick with a group and skip going to lonely destinations at odd hours. Follow the virus safety basics like face-covering, hand hygiene, and social distancing as well.

Pack smart

Nothing is more important than packing smart if you want to be a safety-conscious traveler. You must carry ballistic protection if allowed. Start by checking body armor by if you don’t own one already or want to upgrade. You may pack pepper spray, but do check the airline rules first. Do not miss out on essentials like hand sanitizers, soaps, and face masks because they are the need of the hour.

Learn self-defense

Self-defense training can be the best way to gear up for stress-free travel. It equips you to deal with threats and makes you more confident at home and away. You can take a self-defense course once and attend a couple of classes before the trip. But avoid trying heroic stunts when away from home because it can get you in trouble. Use your self-defense capabilities to escape rather than counterattack.

Always stay alert

As a rule of thumb, you must always stay alert right from the moment you set your foot out of your home. There are plenty of unscrupulous people looking to target unsuspecting travelers, and alertness is the best way to safeguard yourself and your belongings from them. Being alert about the surroundings will also help you sideline the risk of the virus. Avoid touching surfaces and getting too close to people.

Safety-consciousness can make your trips more enjoyable. It is a habit that avid travelers should follow every time they travel to a new destination.