How to Book a Private Jet

How to Book a Private Jet

With ongoing social distancing concerns around commercial flights and airlines’ reduced schedules making some destinations near inaccessible, private aviation has seen unprecedented demand in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis.

In particular, brokers and operators have seen increased demand from first-time private jet passengers, as previously business and first-class customers embrace the convenience and security of business jets. This summer Victor, the global on-demand jet charter service, saw a 100% increase of first time increase in new clients using its private jet booking service for the first time in July 2020 versus the same time period in 2019.

To cater for this new flyer audience, Victor is launching a range of tools for first-time private jet flyers, making it easier to understand and book private air travel.

The new tools will help first time flyers navigate the array of choices on offer for private flyers and will help them to choose the aircraft, operator and destinations that best meet their requirements. Booking a private flight can, on occasion, be a confusing and opaque process with a dizzying choice of operators, aircraft and destinations. Victor’s easy-to-use online booking platform coupled with the personal support of a dedicated account manager and its new first-time flyer tools, makes it the ideal service provider for clients less familiar with chartering private jets.

Victor’s new First Time Flyer’s tool kit includes:

1. First-Time Private Jet Flyer’s Guide

To help first time flyers navigate the world of private aviation, Victor has launched a simple step-by-step introductory guide to on-demand aircraft charter, helping customers to understand the choices on offer and the range of options available when it comes to aircraft, destinations and operators.

For example, a common first-time flyer’s mistake is to underestimate the size of aircraft required as many capacity listings don’t take account of the need to carry luggage as well as passengers.

2. The world’s first ever aircraft and operator customer rating system for jet travel

Essentially a customer ratings system for private jets, Victor’s new marketplace tool Client Preferred Operators uses an analysis of customer feedback on thousands of private and commercial jet flights booked through the Victor platform. This new data-driven tool helps flyers to make an even more informed decision about the operator they choose to fly with, by giving them visibility of the operators with the best-rated aircraft and service before booking.

To qualify as a Client Preferred Operator, the jet operator must have a minimum of 90% customer satisfaction rating for both the aircraft quality and onboard service. These operators, which are clearly indicated by a star icon on each quotation to the client, must also demonstrate low levels of technical or flight recovery issues.

The best-rated aircraft, available on the Victor marketplace are:

1. Phenom 300
2. Citation Sovereign
3. Legacy 600
4. Learjet 75
5. Challenger 850
6. Citation Mustang
7. Legacy 650
8. Phenom 100
9. Citation X
10. Challenger 300

3. Victor Rescue team available 24/7 for immediate repatriation assistance

For flyers who are using private aviation for the first time as a result of a medical crisis or emergency, Victor Rescue is a front-line emergency rescue service.

A team of emergency aviation experts seamlessly flies into action to provide air ambulances and medical evacuations, keyworker flights for the NHS and medical crews, nuclear scientists and power plant managers around the world, whilst operating repatriation missions.

The Victor Rescue team is on hand to advise on international travel regulations and provide urgent repatriation flights, carefully managed in correspondence with the FCO and relevant government officials. All Victor Rescue missions are operated under Victor’s policy of double offset (200%) carbon emissions on every flight.

Launched in 2011, Victor’s core service has been designed to demystify the process of booking private jets and make choosing the right package simple and efficient. Developed by and for frequent private jet fliers, Victor is the first and only completely transparent jet charter platform, offering access to aircraft and operator specifics, side-by-side available jet comparisons, instant booking and digital travel itineraries. Details include the tail number of the aircraft, name of the operator, as well as actual pictures of aircraft interior and exterior, – all critical factors in enabling the consumer to choose the right jet for their trip.

Every customer has their own dedicated personal account manager who is an email, in-app message, WhatsApp or phone call away to guide them through the entire process from requesting and choosing their flight options to post-booking concierge, including ground transportation and in air dining.

On demand jet charter offers unparalleled choice and access to fly anywhere, anytime, with 7,000 aircraft and 40,000 airports in 157 countries available via the Victor marketplace.