How to Choose a Watch for Travel and Adventure

How to Choose a Watch for Travel and Adventure

To relax on the beach, hike in the mountains, or travel on safari, for the well-prepared traveler completely different models of watches will be required. The only thing that should unite them is reliability. Such watches are offered by many of the world famous brands.


A truly smart and useful travel watch is equipped with a barometer, altimeter, compass, Bluetooth technology, activity tracker and app support system. Also, modern smart watches for tourists and athletes may have a number of additional options, namely:

  • the option of automatic warning about the pace of the workout;
  • calculating calories based on heart rate;
  • automatic search for the right direction;
  • altimeter with climb schedule;
  • automatic time adjustment by gps signal;
  • measuring, recording and saving the route traveled with the possibility of its further uploading to the application or to a PC.

Another important aspect is the water resistance of the watch. Standard indicators for this parameter range from 50 to 100 m. You can determine the wear resistance and durability of the product by the build quality, the materials used and the manufacturer's warranty. Give preference to models in a durable case with a protective shock-resistant glass. This option will serve you longer than conventional gadgets, and will not give unexpected failures in case of accidental mechanical impact during a hike.

​External characteristics

In fact, this is the first thing that most people pay attention to when buying. Classic black and dark gray colors are a priority for many consumers. Some prefer brighter strap colors. It all depends on your taste preferences.

An attractive feature of Watch Direct is the desire to reflect the real characteristics of the watch. The design of most modern collections is deliberately rough. The manufacturer does not pursue the dual goal of creating watches for tourism and for going out at the same time, thereby allowing you to correctly prioritize.

Pay attention to the locking mechanism. The metal strand must be reliable and resistant to deformation. Most often, watches are worn on the working hand. If the castle is weak, then you run the risk of losing your gadget and being left without the main landmark on the hike.

Battery power

This parameter is key for many. The longer the watch holds a charge, the better. In this case, the type of battery plays an important role. For example, Li-ion can safely support the device for up to 20 days (in smart watch mode), up to 32 hours (GPS / HR), up to 13 hours GPS + music, up to 70 hours (UltraTrac, without the built-in heart rate monitor). As you can see, the numbers are impressive. And this is far from the limit of modern possibilities.

Turistic watches with built-in navigation - a guarantee of safety

Travel lovers have always been interested in smart watches with GPS functions. On sale there are high-tech models focused on different mobile platforms. You need to choose the watch that is compatible with the operating system of your mobile device. For example, Android Wear OS travel watches come with all the standard features that traditional Android smartwatches offer.

In addition, dedicated hiking watches have the added benefit of a low-power GPS navigator. An additional bonus is the offline map display mode. To download data from a personal computer or phone, Garmin explorer is used (see the list of supported models), which is not present in all models of the general line. If you need to store a large amount of information, choose products with a suitable memory card capacity (at least 8 GB).