How to choose luxury perfumes?

How to choose luxury perfumes?

Luxury items such as shoes, bags, and dresses are easy to pick. There are lots of brands offering these items and celebrities using them. Choosing luxury perfumes is another ball game. It’s not just about the price but a long combination of factors. How can you choose the best luxury perfumes like ysl mon paris and more? This short guide will highlight some things to look out for.

Factors to consider before choosing luxury perfumes

While choosing luxury perfumes, you need to consider a lot of factors. This can be overwhelming if you lack the experience. However, you need to start somewhere. So start with considering factors such as masculine or feminine preference and the notes. It is no secret that male perfumes have a stronger scent. This is usually caused by a higher oil concentration. The oils also make them more long lasting and some females may prefer them.

If you prefer a longer lasting luxury perfume, then you should opt for masculine perfumes. On the other hand, you also need to consider the notes of the perfume.

There are four main categories to consider. They include woody, fresh, oriental, and floral. Let’s discuss each one and what you should look out for.


Woody is known for its sophisticated scent. They are suitable for both males and females. This note is also great for outdoor events. So if you’re looking for something natural and sophisticated, this will be a good option to try. Dossier perfume has some similar scents and they are inspired by luxury perfumes as well. However, they are cruelty free.


The fresh note is not just elegant but also refreshing. It offers bright scents for that earthy freshness. This note is the simplest of the four but, but offers a unique fruity scent. If you want something youthful but adventurous, then you can consider this note.

While it works well for females, it can also be a good scent for males.


This note is known for its bold fragrance. It is mostly masculine and undoubtedly one of the best luxury perfume scenes. This fragrance is also quite popular because of its long-lasting qualities.

The scent is rich and exotic and people opt for this note because it highlights beauty. If you want to walk into a room and be the center of attention, then this is the best luxury perfume for you.


The last note is floral and just like the name, it is more subtle than others on this list. The feminine scent may be lighter but they work just fine for indoor events. Notes in this category range from Jasmine to roses. Other blends include vanilla, lilies, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

If you’re looking for a feminine or romantic scent, this note should be a great selection.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a luxury perfume can be a chore especially if you have no prior experience. However, you can do it with proper research. You need to understand what notes are and the type of perfumes you’re looking for. Whether you opt for feminine or masculine perfumes, be sure to find one that suits your taste.