How to choose the best shoes to wear with wide leg trousers

How to choose the best shoes to wear with wide leg trousers

Wide-leg trousers are billowy, airy, and often flare at the top, unlike the slightly more toned-down bootcut variety, which gains volume near the ankles. When it comes to shoes with wide-leg trousers, you want something that complements the outfit.

It's difficult to know what shoes to wear with wide-leg trousers, and it's even harder when you have too many possibilities. So we have put together a few guides regarding which shoes pair best with your wide leg trousers.

Knowing the perfect style to bring the best out of you is essential to appear classy. And if you are doubtful about what shoes to wear with wide leg trousers, check out our 6 best shoes recommendations below.

  1. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats and wide leg trousers are an easy-to-wear combination that will never go out of style, and you will feel great wearing them. But you need to make sure your trouser hems are fitted to avoid damaging your clothes. With so many various designs of ballet shoes available, you would be forgiven for owning many pairs;

Ballet flats are so adaptable that you can wear them with almost everything, and it looks fantastic with wide leg trousers. For a truly retro appearance, wear them with a sumptuous pair of high waist midi length tailored trousers to embrace your beauty.

When it comes to the ballet flats, in fact, we strongly advise the ballet flats from Dream Pairs.  Dream Pairs is a popular footwear brand that offers a wide range of ballet flats for women. Their prices are very affordable.

  1. Heeled Mules

The best style is to pair your wide-leg, oversized trousers and daintier mules, and it is a good way to balance out the proportions of an outfit.

Mules with heels are also a great option since they provide support for the insole as well as a lot of coverage for the top of the foot. The block-heel mule, with its simple, clean aesthetic and simplicity of wear, is a popular choice.

Furthermore, a heeled mule with a platform sole can make your legs appear longer. For a classic spring-summer style, pair them with wide-leg palazzo pants or linen trousers.

  1. Pointed-Toe Heels

If you are in doubt about what shoes to wear with wide leg trousers, choose pointed toe high heels. It looks classic when you pair your wide leg trousers with pointed-toe heels. And it will work to elongate the leg and make you appear slightly taller.

The most important aspect of a pair of trouser is that it is long enough. The leg of the trouser should be about 1 inch from the ground leaving the toe and heel visible. But do not go for lengthy trousers that skim the ground, which will ruin the look of your pants.

You can match a long trouser with mega heels, a solid 3-inch heel, and even a platform will get you feeling extra fierce. A pair of trousers pant with heels adds up to a formidable statement look that is very appropriate for job interviews and power lunches.

  1. Sneakers

Who doesn't wish to amaze everyone every day by wearing a nice and attractive look? Wide-leg palazzo pants and shoes, on the other hand, will make you feel like the most gorgeous girl on the planet. Choose a striking top if your palazzo is basic and vice versa. Wear your favorite sneakers, a crossbody bag, and chunky accessories to complete the ensemble.

You can pair sneakers with almost anything, and a lighter-colored shoe looks best with wide-leg trousers because it doesn't bring attention to the bottom of your outfit right away.

The ultimate diva style is wide-leg slacks and sneakers paired with a Crop Top. It gives you a self-assured air and makes you appear carefree. If you are going on a trip abroad, try wearing this look because it exudes fantastic tourist vibes. Shades would make your outfit look cool and you will undoubtedly turn heads.

  1. Ankle Boots

Do not think next time about what shoes to wear with wide leg trousers, because ankle boots are the real savior. Wide-leg leather trousers are the best paired with ankle boots. This outfit works especially well because the trousers are somewhat cropped, allowing you to see more of the silhouette of the boot.

A pointy-toe boot, on the other hand, provides your legs with a rise in height. This outfit is generally flattering thanks to the extra length and sharp, clean-cut. It also has an extremely modern vibe to it.

While wide-leg pants can almost completely conceal your shoes, the front of your footwear will still show, especially when walking. With your favorite wide-leg trousers, a pair of eye-catching boots with a unique tip is always a good choice.

  1. Chunky Loafers

What are some best styles that never go out of style? A pair of chunky loafers that offer height and a dash of retro style will never go out of style.

Because the trousers are somewhat cropped, the proportions work best here. A thicker soled shoe will always look good against a cropped trouser leg, breaking up the look.

Sneakers and killer heels were almost non-existent in terms of footwear, with bulky and thick chained sandals, sometimes known as loafers, taking their place. The dramatic chunky loafers, reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin's era, were all over the place in 2022, becoming the most popular shoes.

With the above shoe choices, now you know what shoes to wear with wide leg trousers, so chin up to show off your favorite dressing style to the world.

Final Thoughts

Who does not like to look trendy in perfect trousers? So to complete the overall look, you need to match your clothing with the footwear. Moreover, pairing your outfit with the appropriate shoe can totally elevate your appearance. Therefore say bye to your old shoe in your wardrobe if you have a chance to upgrade your closet with plenty of classy shoe options.

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