How to Choose The Best Travel T-Shirt

How to Choose The Best Travel T-Shirt

You probably have many t-shirts in your closet and picking out the “best” one for your trip shouldn't be hard. But the trick is how to choose the “right” one.


You should wear clothes that are comfortable when traveling. That goes double for your t-shirts. Therefore always check the fabric. Your best bet would be cotton.

Synthetic fabrics are not a good source of comfort. The reason is, synthetic fabric isn't made to be breathable. Sure, synthetic cloths are used for traveling, but not ideal for sitting in for hours.

You are going to need fabric that breathes easily as you move around.


Chances are you won't get time to clean your clothes while traveling and your shirts are going to get messy.

The last thing you want to worry about is to clean out impossible stains. Sometimes, a washing machine is hard to reach. So, get something that is strain-resistant.

Go for shirts made of synthetic and merino wool. Cotton is not your friend in this case.

Able to Handle the Worst

Your clothes should take the worst of it.

The last thing you want is to have to go out and buy another shirt to wear for the rest of your trip. You are going to need a shirt that will keep up with you.

Polyester fabric will keep up with you through anything and everything. The material is much stronger than cotton.

Enjoyable to You

Everyone has a favorite t-shirt. Pick out your top five favorite t-shirts and set them out on the bed. Eliminate the shirt that you are so attached to that you don’t want it to get ruined.

Your best bet is to pick a t-shirt that you like, but don't mind wearing out for long hours.

So go for your number three favorite t-shirt. For an extra measure, go for your second favorite t-shirt. That way you have a spare in hand.


Plain t-shirts don't have to smell when you have been out for a long hike.

T-shirts can now be made with anti-odor fabric. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi book, but it is now a reality.

When clothes get wet, they tend to attract odors. But, t-shirts that are made with a hydrophobic design are waterproof.  So it won’t attract foul odors.

Also, nowadays shirts have armpit gussets to stop the sweat stains from forming under your arms. All the way helping to keep your t-shirt odor-free.

Interestingly, there is a technology called moisture-wicking which keeps fabric almost sweat-free. So, you can now probably skip the shower if you are in a situation where you can't bathe every day.

You should travel in comfort and your clothes play a big part.