How To Choose The Perfect Travel Neck Pillow

How To Choose The Perfect Travel Neck Pillow

Everyone wants a comfortable travel experience, especially when traveling long distances. Fortunately, there are several ways you can try to increase your personal comfort during the journey; like staying hydrated and wearing loose clothing. Another great way to increase comfort during long trips is to carry a travel neck pillow with you. A travel neck pillow will help you to sleep better and feel more comfortable. In a more important note, pillows will also provide support for your neck when traveling.

Pillows are designed differently to meet specific needs of the users.  They also come in different sizes, weights, shapes and filing. For example, you can watch this short video to learn about buckwheat pillows:

This article has answered some of the crucial questions you might be asking yourself regarding how to choose the right pillow for your travel. Read to get the answers.

Why Should You Get A Travel Neck Pillow?

Sometimes traveling, especially on a plane, entails traveling long distances. This makes you get tired and fall asleep easily.  But sleeping during your travel isn't easy. It could irritate even the most experienced travelers. That’s why a travel neck pillow is used to provide the support you may need for your neck when you fall asleep. It'll help support your neck from the discomfort of traveling for a long distance.

What To Consider When Shopping For A Travel Pillow?

There are a number of things you should bear in mind when buying your travel pillow. Some of the things are explained below.

  • Comfort

Comfortability is one of the most important factors to be considered when buying a travel neck pillow. That’s why it’s advisable to always choose the neck pillow that could provide maximum comfort in all your preferred sleeping positions.

Most likely, while traveling, you'll use your pillow while sitting up. Taking this into account, an enhanced U-shaped design with ergonomically raised lobes could most likely provide maximum comfort while sitting against your seat. Remember comfortability is different for everyone. Hence, the travel neck pillow you choose should be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Texture

When considering buying a travel neck pillow, it would be helpful to consider its texture. This aspect is vital since it’ll either make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable. It’s advisable to get a hard and firm-textured pillow whose material is feeble to feel comfortable when using it. On the other hand, a stiff neck pillow can provide the stability and compactness needed to keep the neck stable.

  • Support

When traveling, neck support is critical. It’s important your pillow has great options to achieve your ideal sleeping position. It's recommended you buy a travel neck pillow that aligns your nose with the center of the chin. This will help you to arrive at your destination without pain. It works by helping you avoid unwanted straining on your posture, back and neck.

Check the inner material of the pillow to check whether it will provide the support needed. Some people prefer a travel neck pillow or a neck roll pillow made of soft beads, while others prefer a pillow made of memory foam.

  • Size

A travel pillow must be handy. Ideally, buy the travel neck pillow that could fit into your luggage. For instance, you may want to carry an inflatable travel pillow because, naturally, it requires less space compared to solid pillows. However, most of the best travel neck pillows for long-distance flights are made from memory foam because they are easier to compressed into a smaller size—making them easier to carry. Find out more about pillow size at

  • Cost

While most people may only consider the quality and usefulness of the pillow; price is also an important factor you need to consider. The amount to spend on your travel neck pillow depends on your decided budget and the quality you want for yourself. Contrary to what you may believe, pillows that tend to offer much comfort are relatively not expensive—but not too affordable it’s cheap. If you want to buy a neck pillow that will be an excellent traveling companion, a little investment does wonders in return.

  • Sleeping Position

Everyone has their preferred sleeping positions. Different traveling pillows are designed to suit particular sleeping positions. Whether you often move your head around or tend to loll your head forward when you doze, there’s a pillow designed for your preferred sleeping position. For instance, there are wrap-around pillow designs that offer much more support than the traditional u-shaped pillows. There are also other pillows designed to offer much support to your chin.

  • Fabric

When sleeping, you need a pillow that’ll provide much comfort. Choosing the right fabric material for your neck pillow is vital, especially if you're traveling long distances or when you're a frequent traveler. A pillow made of scratchy fabric, for instance, may not provide the comfort you may require. Also, for convenience purposes, choose a travel pillow or a neck roll pillow that's machine washable.

  • Durability

It would be helpful to buy a long-lasting pillow, especially if you're a regular traveler. It'll help ensure that you're not buying a new pillow now and then.

Different types of pillows are priced differently, and it's therefore important you decide on what price you are willing to pay in consideration of durability and value for your money. But if you frequently travel, it would be best to invest in a good quality that’ll last for a long time.

What Are The Different Types Of Travel Neck Pillows?

Traveling is tedious. If you’re a frequent flyer, for an instance, you need to be smart and practical with your travel choices for a much comfortable trip. The same should be observed when choosing a travel neck pillow, it would be helpful to figure out which type of pillow you want. That said, there are four main types of travel neck pillows, as explained below.

  • Inflatable Travel Neck Pillows

These types of pillows are u-shaped so that they can cover over your neck and give you extra support. Different kinds of U-shaped travel neck pillows are available online. Some have some hood that goes over your head, others are made for side sleepers, and others have to be attached on the seat.

Another feature of these pillows is that you can inflate or deflate them to the desired firmness. You can also fold them to a small, compact, lightweight size for light packing, especially for long travels. Inflatable travel neck pillows are convenient and cost-effective for low-budget travelers.

  • Compressible Travel Neck Pillow

A compressible travel neck pillow is one of the best types, especially when you prefer to carry a mini pillow style. It's light with soft foam filling, suitable for road travels, short trips, small flights, or camping. It can be compressed to fit in a suitcase.

  • Microbead Travel Neck Pillows

Microbead pillows are U-shaped and filled with tiny polystyrene beads. You can change their shapes to provide more comfort and support to your neck. However, though they offer much support like the other types, they aren't ideal for lightweight packers.  They are the least portable.

  • Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillows

These are the firmest type of travel neck pillows on the market. They are considered the best because they provide the most consistent support for the neck. Memory foam pillows can be compressed and clipped for compact, lightweight packing.

They are the most comfortable travel neck pillows because they can be molded to the shape of your neck. Although they are the most expensive type in the market, memory foam pillows are among the most recommended pillows for frequent travelers because they provide much comfort.

  • Travel Pillows For Children

Travel pillows for children come in small sizes to fit around and offer support to the kids' neck and head. They also come in cool shapes, bright colors, and different designs inspired by various cartoon characters.

Also, they have feather-soft microfibers, which adds much-needed softness. Finally, they have chin support to support the head and keep it steady when the child falls asleep.

How To Buy A Travel Neck Pillow?

Sometimes you may be forced to buy your pillow from one of the shops around you, especially when you're in a hurry.

However, the owners of these shops know you're so desperate for comfort, and you can buy anything that promises comfort for you. With that in mind, they end up selling their low-quality pillows at a high price.

To avoid that, you need to plan in advance before the actual day of travel. Be sure to do some research online to find which stores are reputable in selling high-quality travel neck pillows and at what price.

One of the best ways to determine which store to buy your pillow is through reading other customer’s reviews. Most customers are honest when giving their feedback. So, you won't go wrong by following their reviews.

Always be sure to research to find the best companies that sell high-quality pillows at a reasonable price. Also, go for a company that will give you a replacement or a warranty just in case your pillow is damaged before it reaches you.

Don't enter into the traps of overpriced knockoff pillows from the stores near you. Always plan and buy your travel neck pillow or neck roll pillow in advance.

While it might not be practically possible to determine the actual size that best fits you especially when buying your pillow from an online store, you can ask your friend your friend or a relative and try to fit theirs. It can help you know whether to buy a large or a small sized pillow.

Are There Drawbacks To Travel Pillows?

While there's no research evidence to show the effectiveness of travel neck pillows, there are many travelers out there who can't travel without them. The human head is heavy, weighing approximately 10 pounds and keeping it upright, especially when sitting in a plane, can be challenging. The head tends to lean forward during air travel and you can start feeling pain on your neck after traveling for a few miles.

Traditional U-shaped pillows may not provide side support, and therefore they don't prevent lateral movement. They also don't offer support in the front, where the chin tends to tip forward. Additionally, the rounded back is likely not to conform well with the seat on the airplane or the car.

That's why it would be best to get modern pillows to address most of these common issues.

Pillows made with gel-infused memory foam can best fit the back of your seat much better than traditional pillows made with cotton or polyester.

In addition, adjustable straps for stability can help prevent your head from wobbling laterally. These straps are made in such a way that they can be tightened to provide front support.

Though there are many benefits of having a travel pillow, there might be some drawbacks, especially when you travel with the wrong pillow. A wrong pillow won't provide the best comfort, and you might experience some pain even before you reach your destination. So, be sure to carry the right travel pillow

In the past, travel neck pillows couldn't provide more comfort for travelers. But with the latest advancement in travel neck pillow technology, travelers are finding better comfort when traveling on planes or cars.

The idea here is to get a travel pillow with the right features that meet your needs. Above all, get a pillow that's made with materials that have been proven to provide more comfort.


Travel pillows are a good idea not only for long flights but also for short travels. Get one that’s light to carry, machine washable, and provides more comfort as you sleep. Pillows can be used in many situations, and thus anyone can benefit from using one. Mainly, travel pillows are used by travelers, backpackers and campers, but you can find an opportunity to use one even without leaving your home.

There are many different types of travel neck pillows that most travelers find it difficult to choose which one is suited for their travel needs. But following the above piece of article, you may be able to find one that suits you. You first need to determine which type of a travel pillow meets your needs. From there you can consider its quality and price. And finally, you need to do your research to find out where you can buy your travel pillow.