How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Calgary

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Calgary

It can be tough to pick the ideal wedding venue in Calgary when there are so many to choose from! Even though most things are optional, you can't go without a great location to host your wedding. Make sure your rental fits your budget, your guest list size, and your aesthetic! Make this big decision easy with our top 6 tips for choosing your wedding venue!

1. Early venue search is key

The last thing you want is to find the perfect venue and discover it's booked for a year. Venues and vendors that are in high demand often book well in advance. You need to start looking for a venue and plan your venue visits quickly to get the first choice or have a definitive wedding date.

If you are under a tight deadline or are flexible about the date of your wedding, it will be the availability of your chosen location which will determine the date of your wedding.

The weather can be worked around regardless of when your wedding is! It's a good idea to have an indoor space or a tent as a backup, especially if you're having an outdoor celebration.

2. Invest in a wedding planner

There is no doubt that wedding planners are like visionaries when it comes to wedding venues. In most cases, if you choose someone who has previously worked in the region in which you intend to tie the knot, they will be able to make recommendations based on your budget, the number of guests, and personal taste.

Additionally, these professionals can be able to give you an idea of what you might want to do in terms of the design of your wedding if there is any empty space that needs to be filled up.

3. Think about how many guests you'll invite

Getting a rough idea of how many people you will be inviting will help you choose a venue that will accommodate them. Unless you know that number, you'll have to estimate, especially if you're booking somewhere that requires a deposit based on that number.

Size matters a lot. It's not good to cram 150 people into a room meant for 35! Having enough space is important for setting up tables, arranging seating, and having a dance floor, but also so that your loved ones can move around. But don't go overboard. It's hard to feel warm and cozy if 35 people are in a room meant for 150.

The number of attendees can be determined and modified closer to the event date if you plan far enough ahead of time. As you can imagine, there are many differences between putting together a small gathering versus a large event in terms of finances and in terms of planning.

4. Decide what kind of wedding you want

How do you want your wedding to be? How classy or laid-back will it be? Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor setting? Do you prefer a sleek, modern look or a more relaxed bohemian look? Does it take place during the day or in the evening? Is it an adults-only or kids-only celebration?

When it comes to wedding venues in Calgary, be sure to look for spaces that suit your ideal aesthetic as well as offering enough space for you and all of your guests.

The best thing to do is decide what type of wedding you want before you start looking for places so that you can reduce your options to the maximum extent possible. The rest comes naturally when you find a location that is perfectly suited to your vision and style.

5. Identify your top priorities

Prior to choosing a venue, you should decide what features are most important to you. Would you like top-notch catering, an amazing view, exclusive access to the venue, or the chance to get ready with some of your closest friends in your bridal suite?

There is no doubt that it will be easier for you to decide what venue to choose when you have a list of what you really want. Make sure venues you're considering are aware of your requirements from the start. It's better to do this early than to be disappointed later!

All done! The contract should cover all the promises you've been given. The wedding industry has a lot of turnovers, so your point of contact, Sarah, might be replaced by James a little while later. James should honor what Sarah agreed to, right? You can't hold the venue to whatever they told you about pricing, catering, tablecloths, or the archway until you sign the dotted line. That being said, good luck with your venue shopping!