How to Get a Mexican Tourist Card

How to Get a Mexican Tourist Card

Mexico's sensational beaches, historical remains, charming towns, and incredible food make it a popular tourist destination. You can enjoy Mexico City's cultural heft, the beach resorts around Cancun or go for the traditional towns, including Oaxaca. Despite the surging pandemic, Mexico still offers enticing sights and sounds that will leave you mesmerized throughout your stay.

Is Mexico Still Open for Tourists?

This has been the question on top of everyone's mind whenever they think of visiting the serene destination. Stay-at-home crusade advocated by health officials may not hold for long since most of us are now vaccinated and country borders are reopening at a high pace. However, confusions and tricks still hamper international travels as we're yet to conquer the deadly Covid-19.

In Mexico's case, things seem promising regarding travel restrictions and requirements at border points. Currently, the country is open to travelers, and you won't have to provide a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test result to gain entry. 

Also, Mexican authorities find no need to quarantine travelers on arrival though they may request you to fill out a simple health questionnaire. If you are concerned that you may have symptoms, you should seek further guidance from a convenient health organization.

The gradual ease of lockdowns has seen minor restrictions still holding, but we hope they'll disappear soon. Specifically, the Mexican land border with the US remains shut for non-essential travel, but it's slated to reopen in November 2021. The same case applies to the Belize and Guatemala border points.

Overall, Its Sounds Like a Greenlight for Tourists.

Other than the restrictions, one more vital thing to bear in mind as you plan for your trip to Mexico is the immigration process. Possession of a Mexico tourist card is one essential requirement that you must fulfill to gain entry into the country.

Below is everything you need to know about the Mexico tourist card to make your journey smoother and the vacation more enjoyable.

What Is the Mexico Tourist Card?

The tourist card is a mandatory requirement for every foreigner visiting Mexico. In Mexican, the card is known as Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM). Note that the tourist card is not a replacement for your traditional visa but an identification card you must carry to show that you are permitted to stay in the country as a tourist.

How Do I Obtain the Mexico Tourist Card?

Acquiring a tourist card in Mexico mainly depends on your preferred transport means.

Applying Through

Natvisa provides online visa services and has the tourist card application available for travelers that want to apply for the card online and in advance.

Through The Airline

If you take a flight to Mexico, the flight crew will likely serve you with an application form aboard the plane. Peruse the form, fill in all the spaces correctly, and keep it safe for presentation to immigration authorities or service counters upon landing in Mexico.

Remember to keep your passport handy to help the immigration officers scrutinize the information and quicken the card issuance process. Applying through the airline is the only method where you don't have to pay extra fees for the card.

If your preferred airline does not provide the application form at the service desks or during the flight, you can still get a form once you land in Mexico. Be sure to fill in the application before you queue for document check-up and stamping by the airport officials. Usually, the form comes in two copies, and the immigration officer will rip one piece and give the other copy to you.

At The Port

With the vast water bodies surrounding Mexico, you may be interested in visiting aboard a cruise ship. Upon arrival, you must consult the immigration officers at your entry point and proceed with the tourist card application process. The same case applies if you travel by land.

Mexican Embassy

Alternatively, you can request a tourist card at a Mexican embassy in your country before the trip. You will need to allocate enough time to book an appointment and fill the form at the embassy.

Online Card Application

You can also fill the application form online on the Mexican National Immigration Institute site. This is the preferable method for many travelers as it takes little time. Unlike the other application methods, online application relieves all the worries common in the inconveniences experienced during airport arrival or departure.

Some of the information required include personal data, travel plan, and stay duration. Although the Mexico tourist fee is prone to change without notice, you should expect the $20-$40 range and wait for at least a day to get your card.

What Is the FMM's Validity Period?

Typically, your Mexican tourist card grants you a stay of up to 180 days. However, when you enter the country as a tourist, the immigration official at the point of entry usually grants you fewer days with a possible renewal. If you wish to remain in the country for more than 180 days, you must apply for a temporary resident visa. Notably, the tourist card indicates the granted stay period to help you calculate your departure date.

What If I Overstay My Mexican Tourist Card?

If you remain in Mexico beyond the set period of 180 days, you will need to visit an immigration office where you'll have to pay a fine before departing. The Immigration officers will determine the penalty amount depending on the number of days you have exceeded.

Do I Still Need the Tourist Card If I Come from A Visa-Exempt Country?

If you are visiting Mexico from a visa-exempt country, you may not need a visa, but you'll still need a Mexico tourist card. The card will help you prove your identity and allow smooth departure once your stay period has lapsed.

Keep Your Tourist Card Safe

Misplacing your FMM would require you to apply for a replacement if it's within the granted stay period. Otherwise, if you lose your card on your departure, your exit may delay, and you'll probably miss your flight. The Mexican immigration red-tape applies, and you must get a replacement at the point of departure, either a port, border point, or port. In addition, you must pay a mandatory replacement fee.

A Mexico tourist card is an authorization that a foreign national needs to enter and stay in the country for 180 days. Unlike the tourist visa, this card is mandatory and does not authorize you to seek employment in the country.