How To Get Multiple In-Home Moving Estimates Before A Long-Distance Move

How To Get Multiple In-Home Moving Estimates Before A Long-Distance Move

If you are moving long-distance, it makes sense to hire a professional moving company. Moving is a challenging task that requires many helping hands. And when you add long-distance into the move, it makes it that much harder. But what do professional moving companies cost? Well, the cost can vary depending on the company you hire, your distance, what you're packing, and the moving services you choose. The best way to avoid a shocking bill is by getting quotes before hiring the movers so you know exactly what to expect. A moving quote will give you an estimate of what your move will cost before the day comes. Quotes are generally given over the phone, online, or after visiting your home. But it's important to note a moving company will be legally bound only by the information on your written estimate. This article will advise you on what goes into a moving quote, how and where to get quotes, the different types, and some extra tips to help you on your moving estimate journey.

What Factors Go into a Moving Quote

Quote estimates can range depending on various factors. For example, here you can get the information about long-distance move. The more you need from a professional moving service, the higher your quote will most likely be. Here is a list that provides the different factors that can impact your moving quote.

  • Furniture amount
  • Number of moving trucks
  • Transportation out of home and into home
  • Total weight of inventory
  • Moving distance, the longer the distance, the more expensive
  • The route that needs to be taken, i.e., interstate, rural regions
  • Number of stairs (flight charge)
  • Insurance choice
  • Time of year, prices tend to be higher in the summer
  • Any additional services like packing, supplies, storage, etc.

Moving is different for everyone, and no one move is the same. Because of this, a moving company doesn't typically offer a set price. This is why a quote is needed. It will fit your move and your move only.

How and Where to Find your Moving Quote

Finding moving companies and their quotes should be easy. If it's not, that's a red flag, and you should look into a different company. The best way to find one is by simply using a search engine and typing in, "find professional movers near me”. A search engine will pop up different places where you can read reviews, find customer testimonials, chat online with customer service and you can find a cheapest way to keep a landline phone number to call the shortlisted companies directly. For example, if you live in San Francisco, you will type in "San Francisco Moving Company" and visit different links that catch your eye and what looks best for your moving needs.

Companies will offer different kinds of ways to get you the quote. You will fill out a form online, talk over the phone, or they will visit in person. Getting a home-visit estimate is the most accurate estimate. It's also important to note that when a long-distance move is across state lines, the professional movers must follow the rules set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If you are moving from within 50 miles of the mover's location, the rules state that they have to base their estimate on a physical survey of your belongings unless the homeowner waives the requirement in writing. So, it's always best to have an estimator come in person to your home.

It is important to note that the recommendation is always to get at least three estimates and nothing less. Comparing three gives you choices and different price points. If you choose the first one you get, you'll never know if a company had a better price or more services to add on, etc.

Types of Moving Quotes

There are different types of moving quotes. It would be best if you understood what each one means before deciding

  • Binding Moving Estimate: The moving company is required to honor the price that it provided you as long as nothing changes. Whatever is listed on your inventory sheet, the final price should be the same as what appeared on the binding estimate.
  • Non-Binding Moving Estimate: A document with the mover's best guess of what your moving expenses will be. The final price will be determined by the weight of the shipment and services. While the bill could potentially increase, your mover can only require you to pay up to 110% of the written quote at the time of delivery. Any remaining charges will be billed later on.
  • Binding-Not-To-Exceed Moving Estimate: Practically the same as the binding estimate, but you will pay less than the quoted price if your items end up weighing less than what was estimated.

Moving Costs

As we mentioned above, various factors may influence the overall price of your move. If you are only moving locally within 50 miles of your previous address, a mover typically charges by the hour and for any additional services. For a long-distance move across the country, the quote is usually based on the weight of your items, labor costs, and distance between your old and new address.

Extra Tips and Tricks

We have some extra suggestions for homeowners when looking into in-home moving estimates.

  • Choose companies that charge based on weight: a more legitimate moving company will charge based on weight.
  • Get a copy of the inventory list: an estimate should come with a complete inventory list of everything being moved. Be sure to double-check this for inaccuracies and make sure every item is listed.
  • Don't sign blank contracts: if a mover gives incomplete documents, they could be scamming you.
  • Consider your moving date: be sure to ask if a price would decrease if your move-in date were adjusted by only a few days or weeks and how long the quote is good for. Sometimes the price can change.

You now have all of the knowledge you need to receive in-home estimates. Make sure to research moving companies near you to find the best ones, choose three companies to come in person for the most accurate estimate, decide which type of estimate you want, and there you have it! While long-distance moves seem hard, they don't have to be with professional movers, so find a quote today.