How to get the most out of your Electric Car in Hot Weather

How to get the most out of your Electric Car in Hot Weather

Electric car owners are being offered tips on how to get the most out of their vehicle during a long hot summer.

Experts at have put together their top tips to increase battery life, driving range and perhaps most importantly while it’s hot, passenger comfort.

A spokesperson for said, “Prolonged heat can impact the performance of an electric vehicle but there are steps drivers can take to ensure they make the most of their vehicle even in extreme weather.

“Keeping cool is such a priority in these hotter months, particularly with the recent weather warnings in the UK. With a little bit of planning and some clever timing, comfortable and straightforward electric car trips can be readily achieved.”

Following’s suggestions will enhance the experience of driving an electric car on this summer’s adventures:

Precondition To Precool
To lower the air conditioning setting you will need for the duration of your journeys, in turn reducing the amount of energy needed to run this, use preconditioning technology in your car. This way, the interior will be cooled down by the time you get inside to make your journey. Make sure you do this while the car is still plugged in and charging to extend your battery life even more.

Shady Parking Spots
When parking, opt for shady spots, perhaps even a covered garage or car park to minimise the car’s temperature drastically increasing by the time you get back in to drive it. If this isn’t possible, carry a cheap and effective sun-screen for your windscreen to help reflect sunrays away from your car.

Tire Check
Before heading off on summer trips, make sure to check your tyre pressure as it is crucial that they are at a desirable inflation level for long journeys, especially ones in the heat. Buy a pressure gauge to do this, or simply check at petrol stations or garages en route to guarantee top efficiency.

Charge to 80%
To ensure your car doesn’t overheat in the hot weather, only charge up to 80% instead of a full 100%. This will also guarantee an extended battery lifespan so that you can go on more adventures in the future.

Avoid Fast-Charging
As a way of further ensuring better car battery health and driving range in hot conditions, try to plan ahead and schedule in more time to charge your vehicle. This will avoid rapid charging which creates higher temperatures and is unideal in already warm climates.

Stay Tech Savvy
Check the user’s manual or research online before driving away to see which technology installed in the car will benefit you most during the heat. Look for energy-saving settings and eco-modes in particular. Preconditioning, as previously noted, is a great example of this and is often controlled by apps from your phone nowadays.

Drive When It’s Coolest
A final point is, if possible, to make your journeys early in the morning or late in the evening when travelling to or returning from your trips. This way your vehicle’s range will be at its most effective because the cooler parts of the day mean that less energy is being used compared to driving in absolute heat, particularly between 12 and 3pm.

Moreover, driving when it’s cool massively impacts your level of comfort as a driver or passenger. Cooler conditions combined with generally quieter roads will make your summer getaways a further step less stressful.

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