How to Have a Majestic Experience in Cape Town

How to Have a Majestic Experience in Cape Town

Ever wondered why Telegraph UK voted Cape town as the world best city? Its coastal lifestyle, scenic beauty, and its diverse history are some of the things that make it the world's favorite place to visit. The city has too much to offer, and as a traveler, it is easy to get confused about what to include on your tour. So here we have compiled a few tips on how you can have a majestic experience in Cape Town.

Take a cable car

If you have never had a chance to hop on the cable car, then take one to the Table mountain, one of the city’s most known landmarks. Standing at 1085 meters, this mountain has been low enough to climb in just a few hours and high enough to take spectacular pictures of the entire city.

Sandboarding in Betty Bay or Atlantis

Sandboarding is a fantastic adventure, and you can quickly learn how to carve up the slope in no time. Expect a lot of wind in Cape Town, which is why there are mass of dunes in the Peninsula in the first place. The good thing is that there are entrepreneurs who have use of this phenomenon hosting fantastic Sandboarding tours with Betty Bay as well as Atlantis.

Cape Town Underground Tunnels

A visit to the Cape Town underground is perhaps the most majestic experiences you can have while visiting the city. There is a huge underground network of tunnels in the city, which forms a popular historical tour. These tunnels date back to the 17th century and were designed to divert the mount waters to the ocean. A tour of Cape Town is not a tour without a visit to these underground tunnels.

Take a sunset view from Signal Hills

This is probably the best spot in the world to watch the sun go below the horizon. It’s a must visit spot in Cape Town. You will find several bus lines to take you close to the top, so it can be a good idea to carry a picnic basket. This place gets crowded very fast, so come early in the afternoon to get a perfect spot.

Get some cooking lessons

You will have an opportunity to sample different cuisines at a local restaurant, but do not leave cape town without taking some cooking lesson in Bo-Kaap. Here you will learn how to cook traditional Cape Malay Dishes and other traditional African cuisines. The month of May is the best time to get into the cuisine of the cape; there are tonnes of good food and wine shows.

Horseback Riding

Noordhoek is home to some of the longest beaches in Cape Town, and Noordhoek Beach is among the most popular. Book a ride with a horseback riding school to make the most of your time here and enjoy the unspoiled view of Chapman peak.

Visit the oldest wine estate in South Africa

You must visit Groot Constantia, one of the oldest wine estates in this country. Founded in 1685, this estate produces some of the most renowned wine variety for a generation, so find out why.

Watch a movie

You can simply go to a movie theater, but you will get an experience of a lifetime if you do it when surrounded by scenery of Cape Town. Cinema is taken out of the theatre into the city and with drive-in experience an open-air screening. These are carefully curated to give you a fantastic experience. Make sure you find a perfect accommodation with Nox Rentals so that you can have a wonderful time in the city.

Visit a Rugby Museum

You must visit the Rugby Museum to learn why South African are crazy about Rugby. Visit the Springbok Experience Rugby Museum, here you will learn all about the origin of Rugby in South Africa and will get to test your rugby skills on an interactive game zone.

Watch African Penguins at Boulders Beach

The penguin colony at Boulders beach is one of the most recorded in the Southern part of Africa. Here you will get close to these little birds and have a chance to swim with them in blue warm lagoon waters. Clearly, this is not something you get to experience anywhere else in the world.

When you think majestic experience, Cape Town should be on top of your list; there is an unusual blend of landscape, historical sites, wildlife, culture, and many more. Of course, there are many other ways to enjoy what this city offers, but with these few, you are going to leave this city knowing you have had an experience of a lifetime.

Photo credit: Taj Cape Town