How to Hustle Yourself a Private Jet

How to Hustle Yourself a Private Jet

As countries start to emerge from the pandemic it’s clear when it comes to air travel that health, safety and hygiene issues are all the more critical now. The benefits of being in smaller aircraft with only 5 or 6 other passengers and using smaller airstrips or private terminals with far fewer touch points rather than the usual overcrowded airport terminals are more appealing than ever before.

As such, private aviation is undergoing a post-Covid boom period and recently a number of private jet startups have emerged. One particular London-based aviation startup that has started to fly above the radar has attracted investment from some of Europe's heavyweight players. JetHustle (aka JetHu$tle) is a flight comparison platform that also gives travelers the chance to fly on private jets for commercial airline prices by also selling individual seats on private aircraft.


“When a flight search is executed, JetHustle not only checks major airlines but also searches for available private jets with empty seats. Our domestic private jet flights start at £189 per seat whilst our international private jet flights are from just £249 per seat.” says Sam Farshian, CEO of JetHustle. “When you factor in all the benefits of flying private, like showing up fifteen mins before your flight and flying out of quiet VIP private terminals, it’s a real no brainer.”

“If there are no empty private jet seats available for your itinerary then you can purchase a commercial airline ticket for your journey, the same way as you would on platforms such as Skyscanner or Expedia. It’s a flight comparison platform but on steroids!”

Travel industry veteran Lars Thuesen who has run some of the world’s largest travel companies and also happens to own a few airlines of his own is amongst JetHustle’s investors, as is Ebbe Dinesen, the former CEO and chairman of Carlsberg UK who decided to invest after booking a flight and landing a seat on Dassault Falcon private jet.

“The entire industry continues to go through seismic changes and some new trends are emerging that we are perfectly positioned for. Even though the JetHustle platform is in a testing phase we are already generating revenue and selling flights well ahead of schedule, both commercial and private.”

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JetHustle’s business development manager Anthony O’Dwyer says “We currently have over thirty private jet flights to sixteen destinations for the next 30 days which translates to two hundred and eighteen private jet seats at regular airline prices for a safer, faster, queue-less and stress-free mode of transport.”

Farshian is finalizing “a sizeable investment” from Norwegian investment banker Morten Groven through Fortis Mutual Funds SCC whilst a number of other significant deals are also flying around the more established end of the industry. Such as the recent $2.1 Billion IPO of Wheels Up on the New York Stock Exchange, making the seven year old aviation startup the first publicly traded standalone private jet company.

To find out more about how to fly with JetHustle visit or call +44 (0)208 064 1000.