How To Look Stylish While Visiting Famous Golfing Resorts

How To Look Stylish While Visiting Famous Golfing Resorts

Golf is a rare sport where men and women can play together. Moreover, unlike for example tennis, you can only play on equal terms with a very experienced partner. On the field, you will not meet people who are poorly trained or behave rudely, as they can be disqualified and even kicked out of the club.

How to dress in extreme weather conditions

The basic rule of golf is respect for the club and other participants in the game, which is also expressed through respect for the rules of dress code. If it's rainy weather, it's also a good idea to have an airtight raincoat, and an umbrella can often be seen in the elegant golf travel bags that every golfer has. Golfers often use hats and caps to protect themselves from the sun.

Majlis Course - Emirates golf courses are usually warm places to play golf in. In humid days it is better to wear shorts so it will be more comfortable for you to play. For women, instead of shorts, it is preferable to wear skirts, especially on hot days. Hats are useful to protect you from the sun. Although dress code can be strict, especially for women in some parts of this country, the golf course is a different story. If you want to look stylish the only important thing is that you are dressed in high-quality clothes and that your color palette is not too flashy. If the dress code for the golf courses you will be playing at don't mention skirt/shorts, then wear what you normally would.

Pine Creek - It tends to snow frequently in some parts of Russia, so playing in the snow will require you to prepare a little more carefully. Layers of clothing are recommended. You can wear a turtleneck golf fleece along with some warm pants. Wool stockings will ensure that your feet stay warm in the snowy course. Bright colors, even playful prints, short skirts (if the weather allows it), and small details on your clothes are a bit of a must in Russia. People there do like to take advantage of the warmer weather by dressing themselves in colors, interesting designer hats and short skirts. They often color coordinate the whole outfit so they are often seen in completely red or yellow attire. They almost always wear makeup and accessories like an expensive watch, necklace, small earrings and sunglasses.

England, Norway and USA dressing style

Lofoten Links - When playing this golf course in Norway, you must consider the cold weather. Always keep your hands warm, it's usually a good idea to have hand warmers in your pockets and wear gloves on both of your hands. Also, wear a pair of layers on yourself, long or short-sleeved golf shirt and a sweater on top of that. Norway clothing style has that idea that everything must go with – well, everything. You are allowed to play with textures as much as you like but only if you are doing it within a one color palette (preferably muted neutral colors). Their style is minimalistic, functional and is detailed with sleek and elegant accessories all to look stylish and casual at the same time. They have no desire to stand out, but they always do as so effortlessly, through their simplicity.

Richmond Park - England is known for its rain and the courses can usually be wet. You can play golf on wet days but you will need some good rain gear. Jackets, pants and hats that are waterproof are a must-have for these types of courses. Make sure you get the quality gear that will last you for a long time. If there is a part of the world where they value elegance, it is England. Pick colors that are trendy for that season and complete your look with simple details and interesting style like layered clothing, well-tailored jackets, designer accessories… Don't let your style be too flashy but do show your creativity.

Sentry World - USA golf courses are mostly pleasant places to play in but winds are known to surprise players. In this case, wear something like a golf polo to keep you warm and lightweight outerwear because of the wind. Here bright colors are also common but in more layback style. While in Russia hats will be a little more stylish and girly, in the USA everything is completely in a sports style. The cap is a better option than a hat, and short-sleeved shirts are common for women. Watches and earrings are a must.

The basic guidelines for every golf resort

Basic elements of men's wardrobe are polo shirts with short or long sleeves and well-tailored trousers. However, a similar set is offered to ladies, instead of pants they can wear a skirt. In hot weather, both men and women can play in neatly tailored knee-length shorts. The shirt should always be tucked in, and trousers, skirts or shorts should be worn with a belt. Special golf shoes are a prerequisite for entering the field. If playing in long pants, the color of the socks should be consistent with them, if socks are recommended in white or light brown socks.

Additionally, since golf is played at any time, your club bag should include a windbreaker and a set of waterproof clothing. As a rule, such clothing, specially designed for rainy day parties, can easily be found in golf shops. This stays the same for every golf resort in the world.

The best way to avoid being in an embarrassing situation is to meet the requirements of the dress code club you will be playing in and to get fully equipped. If you doubt the correctness of your choice, we advise you to visit a specialist golf store, where you will be advised by qualified professionals. As a rule, the stuff of famous golf brands purchased in such stores exactly meets all the standards and is accepted in the most demanding clubs.