How to Make Vacation Photos Video in 5 Minutes

How to Make Vacation Photos Video in 5 Minutes

Are you eager to make a video with pictures from your recent vacation? Traveling around the world is a great way to expand your horizons. Be it a calm beachside destination, a secluded mountain range, or a bustling urban street, you are bound to experience many photo-worthy moments. This is why you must keep a camera handy at all times so that you can return home with beautiful memories.

The fun of travel can be doubled in an instant by converting vacation photos into engaging videos. Travel videos are much better than pictures as they excel at driving engagement. Videos are not only more engaging than photos but are also ideal for conveying a sense of storytelling. Since 82% of total internet traffic will soon be video, you have an excellent opportunity to go viral with your content.

Surprising as it may sound, you don’t need to make any big investment for converting photos into videos. A working laptop and fast internet connectivity are all you need to leverage a picture video maker. If you have just returned from your trip with a bunch of video-worthy moments, you have come to the right place. Without more ado, let us discuss the 7 easy steps for making a vacation photo video within 5 minutes.

  1. Make use of an online video editor

If you are looking to make a video from pictures, you must leverage a web-based video editor to make videos with pictures that boast an intuitive and advanced user interface. Contrary to popular belief, you need not hold a degree in video making for using online editors. Any layman with basic internet knowledge can leverage the functionalities of online video editors. Since there are plenty of best video editor tools available in the online world, selecting the best one can be somewhat baffling for beginners.

You should always choose a video editor that is lightweight and comes equipped with a wide spectrum of user-friendly features for video editing. While most video editors are available free of cost, you must keep an eye out for hidden charges and fees.

  1. Pick a template for your travel video

Once you are done selecting your preferred web-based video maker, the next step is to choose a template. The best thing about online video makers is that they boast over 5000+ travel video templates to simplify the task for newbie editors. Choose a pre-formatted template for your video and make sure that it matches the theme of your content. If you don’t want to use readily available templates, you can start from scratch as well.

There are many free video makers in the market that allow users to customize video templates. This means that you can unleash your creative side and personalize as many templates as you want. 

  1. Import your vacation photos

After template selection is complete, you can import all the photos from your device onto the drag-and-drop editor. Once the photos have been successfully imported, you can organize and rearrange their order as per your personal choice. See to it that the photos you add are of the highest quality or else the video might turn out to be dull. In case you find yourself running out of good images, you can pick royalty-free pictures from the media library of your free picture video maker.

  1. Add relevant music to your video

One of the most vital aspects of traveling videos is music, without which your content can seem drab. Not adding music to travel videos is the biggest mistake that a majority of newbie editors make. If you want to hook the attention of viewers instantly, you must enrich your videos with the right tune. A calm instrumental will be perfect for a serene valley. However, a bustling beachside setting would call for some lively music that can lift up your spirits.

No matter what kind of music you choose, it should go well with the theme of your content. You can either add music from your own device or pick a track from the in-house media library of your video editor. Since the music available in the media library is royalty-free, you will not have to spend a single penny for using the tunes in your videos. 

  1. Experiment with cool effects and animations

Travel videos remain incomplete until you pep them up with cool effects and animated texts. Web-based photo video makers allow users to experiment with a huge range of fantastic effects and animations. Take your time and try out different effects until you find the best one for your photo travel video. Although you can experiment as much as you desire, you should keep effects to a minimum, especially to keep the appeal of your video intact. 

  1. Cut down the length of your video

What most beginners fail to realize is the fact that people hardly have time in today’s fast-paced world. The hustle and bustle of daily life necessitate quick decision-making. Plus, the average human attention span has been on a decline lately. All this implies that you should keep your travel videos as short as possible. While a lengthy video might allow you to deliver more content, it will never help you bond with viewers.

The lengthier the clip, the higher will be the chances of people clicking away from the video. Although there is no perfect length for travel videos, the content should stay under 3 to 5 minutes. Travel videos that are short have a much higher likelihood of being shared on social media sites. On the other hand, lengthy travel videos will do nothing except bring viewer engagement levels down.

  1. Export the video and share it with the world

After you have shortened the video and experimented with all the effects, the last step is to export your video. You will be given the option to download the video in high-quality MP4 format. If you don’t want to download the video on your device, you can share it right away from the interface of your web-based video editor. Online video editors have advanced so much that they even allow users to share their content across multiple social media platforms in one go.

Make it a point to share the video with all your friends and colleagues, and don’t miss out on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


There is nothing more fun than embarking on a vacation to a scenic destination away from the hustle of daily life. The photos we click during our trip serve as a memento for years to come. You can make your travel memories worth cherishing by leveraging a free picture video maker online.

The best part is that you can share your photo video with the masses with the click of a button. Moreover, you don’t need to possess any special editing skills for converting photos into videos. Just make sure you adhere to the steps listed above to create the perfect vacation video from scratch.