How to Prepare Best for Your First Tanzania Safari Ever

How to Prepare Best for Your First Tanzania Safari Ever

Are you planning your first safari trip ever? Then, you probably have many questions. Which destination to choose, what to pack, what to wear, do I need any vaccines?

Planning a safari trip may seem overwhelming, but with a bit of research and our help, you can get your itinerary ready in a quick and easy way!

Which safari destination should you choose?

Safaris are a quintessential part of any trip to Africa. But with so many destinations to choose from, how do you know which one will be the best fit for you?

If your idea of an African safari is to see animals in their natural habitat without all the hustle and bustle of city life, then Tanzania would be the perfect pick!


Tanzania is known for its national parks, which are home to the largest number of Africa's Big Five animals. Tanzania safaris offer a diversity that you can't find in South African or Kenyan Safari.

Moreover, Tanzania has 19 National Parks and Game Reserves, all comprising an area of over 40,000 square kilometers. The wildlife viewing opportunities in Tanzania abound!

From north to south, east to west - Tanzania never fails when it comes to its safaris!

Tanzania Entry Requirements

Tanzania entry requirements vary depending on your country of origin. Most tourists need a passport, but some may require visas as well.

Tanzania uses an eVisa system that allows travelers to apply and pay for their visas online before arriving in the country.

Travelers should submit their Tanzania eVisa applications at least 10 business days ahead of the planned trip to receive the approved document on time. Once approved, the electronic Tanzania eVisa gets delivered to each applicant via email.

You can use this document to visit Tanzania for 30 days for all tourism-related purposes. eVisa for Tanzania is a single-entry visa, which means it can be used for one entry within the validity period.

Applications can be submitted via an official government website or using an eVisa agent. The second option is much easier since the agent takes care of the whole application process. All you need to do is submit a simple and transparent form online and wait for approval!

Check out to find the online application form and all Tanzania eVisa-related information.

Do travelers need to get vaccinated before visiting Tanzania?

The Tanzanian government requires foreign visitors to show proof of yellow fever vaccine completed before they enter Tanzania.

However, other vaccinations may need to be taken before your Tanzania safari trip, depending on your own specific pre-existing health conditions. Whether or not you need a vaccine will depend on your situation and what type of safari experience you're looking for.

What should you wear during the Tanzania Safari?

During Tanzania Safari, it is important to dress comfortably and light. Even though temperatures can be extreme (hot days and cold nights), Tanzania offers many opportunities for wildlife viewing activities.

As such, take into consideration that you may have to walk or hike through hilly areas. Tanzania Safari also offers many adventure activities, such as climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. So make sure to pack suitable gear for these activities!

The main characteristics for the clothes you should pack when planning a safari trip to Tanzania are:

  • made out of natural materials, such as cotton or linen,
  • made out of breathable materials
  • should be in neutral colors, such as khaki, beige, or brown
  • should be suitable for layering

What should you bring on a Tanzania safari trip?

A typical packing list includes:

  • Binoculars – to see all the wildlife hidden in the distance
  • Camera – best be of good quality
  • Comfortable walking shoes/hiking boots
  • Compass/GPS device for direction finding
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Hats/any type of head covering (to protect you from the sun)
  • An insect repellent

It's best to pack everything into a lightweight bag with no wheels since you may have to walk to get to your resort/accommodation. Wheels could interfere with the ground.

How can I book my Tanzania Safari?

You may choose between many different Tanzania Safaris offered by multiple tour operators, but according to our personal experience, we recommend using an established travel agency as they know what is necessary for your trip.

Booking Tanzania safari through an agency can be extremely beneficial due to their knowledge, flexibility, and willingness to help.

Tanzania Safari offers may vary depending on the time of year you are planning your trip, so it is best to book early if possible! Safari trips to Tanzania sold by a professional travel agency can be flexible and customized to your needs, budget, and schedule.

What are the main highlights of a Tanzania safari?

The most crucial highlight on a Tanzania safari is seeing all of Africa's Big Five animals: Rhino, Lion, Elephant, Leopard, and Buffalo! But if you're looking for something more relaxing not so far from the safari game parks, there are also beautiful beaches in Zanzibar.

This country has fantastic wildlife and landscapes that will take your breath away. The Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro Mountain, and the Zanzibar Islands are all worth visiting!

After reading this blog post, are you all set to embark on your first Tanzania safari! Book your trip now! Tanzania safaris are the best way to experience Africa's wildlife and landscapes from a close distance.