How To Select The Best Luxury RV Rental Company

How To Select The Best Luxury RV Rental Company

For those eager to spend time outdoors but wouldn't want to take the risk of traveling by plane or staying in hotels due to the global pandemic, it might be time to try a recreational vehicle (RV) vacation for a change.

An RV is the next best thing for an innovative way to travel to a new destination with comforts similar to your home. It is well-equipped and made to travel great distances, making it an ideal choice if you want to spend some quality time relaxing with loved ones. You can travel, sleep and eat comfortably in one place without worrying about exposure to others.

The pandemic doesn't show any signs of stopping soon, yet, it shouldn't be a hindrance preventing you from enjoying some time to unwind.

If you're planning a getaway with your family using an RV, make sure to get in touch with a reliable RV rental company. Checking out the latest RV rental statistics might provide you with an idea of the leading companies to choose from.

Do you want to enjoy a hassle-free and memorable vacation? Here are several considerations to help you find the ideal luxury RV rental company:

  • Know About The Available Types Of RVs 

If you want to travel conveniently and comfortably, the size and amenities of the RV should be a consideration. Depending on your specific needs, RVs are available in various sizes, each with particular amenities such as:

  • Class A motorhomes are similar to houses on wheels equipped with a kitchen and bathroom, reaching up to 45 feet in length, making them ideal for large families. The available space and catering to almost all your needs can ensure the best comfort for long road trips.
  • Class B motorhomes are generally camper vans ranging from 16 to 22 feet long. More extensive models offer spacious sleeping and living areas. It's the ideal choice for couples going on short trips.
  • Class C motorhomes can range from 21-35 feet long and accommodate two to six individuals. Most usually has an overhead cab area for extra space with a spacious interior area, making it the ideal choice for small families.

It’s important to choose a class of RV that has the features and amenities that are suitable for your upcoming trip.

Aside from the type and size of the RV, age is also a factor that'll affect the rental price. Generally, an older RV will fetch a lower rental price than the newer models. Although large-sized RVs will have a higher rental price than smaller ones, you can save money by choosing an older model.

  • Determine The Experience And Reputation Of The Rental Company 

Once you determine the type of RV that can cater to your needs, the next consideration is the rental company you'll hire. Today, you can find many RV rental companies, making the selection process challenging. Depending on the RV you need, you might find companies that offer a no-driving option, complete luxury on wheels, or classic campers. It's best to scout for reliable choices so you can compare which one can cater to your needs.

You can research online for reviews and feedback of the luxury RV rental companies you're considering hiring as well as their experience and reputation. Look for positive reviews from previous clients and note down any potential red flags, which is a clear sign to move on to the next company on your list.

  • Know About The Costs Of An RV Trip

A luxury RV rental will cost more than a standard one. With this in mind, you need to determine first your budget for your upcoming vacation.

The rental rates will likely depend on the season you plan to go on a vacation, the available RVs, the platform you'll use to rent, and many more. If you settle for peer-to-peer rental companies, they're more likely to offer rental specials and great deals.

In addition to the base rental price, you should also consider extra costs along the way and after the trip. Generally, this might include the additional charges per mileage or generator use per hour, cleaning fees, insurance, food, campground fees, and many more. There's a minimum of 25 cents per mile when it comes to excess mileage, but it's likely to go higher depending on the class type of RV you have. Luckily, you might be able to get discounts during the off-season.

So, when choosing a luxury RV rental company to hire, it’s essential to allocate your budget.

  • Plan Out Your Chosen Route And Destination 

Luxury RVs are typically large, limiting the places you can go on your upcoming vacation. Certain roads might only be accessible to smaller types of vehicles and might not be advisable if you're bringing along a 40-foot-long RV.

Depending on your destination and the route you'll take, you need to look for campsites or RV resorts to accommodate a luxury RV. Today, some camping grounds are bare and offer parking space only, while others boast resort-like amenities that cater to all your needs.

  • Secure Your Insurance Coverage

Most RV rental companies today will include basic insurance in the rental price. Your current auto insurance policy might provide some coverage for your RV rental, but it varies among insurance companies, policies, and states.

If you want to be sure, consider getting an appointment with your personal auto insurance provider before renting an RV and ask what's covered and what extra coverage you'll need.

  • Choose An RV Company Offering 24 Hour Support

When hiring a luxury RV, it would be best to work with a company that offers 24-hour support. You'll have assurance knowing you can reach out to a professional in case you encounter problems along the way ranging from troubleshooting, roadside assistance, and campsite locations.

Final Thoughts

If you're planning a one-of-a-kind RV vacation with your family, choosing the right luxury RV rental company is essential. Remember that renting a luxury RV is the same as a standard one, but it can be a challenging ordeal if it's your first time due to the vast selection of choices available on the market. By taking into consideration the following factors when renting an RV, you’ll be able to find the right luxury RV rental company that can cater to all your needs.