How to Sell Your Prestige Car for the Best Price

How to Sell Your Prestige Car for the Best Price

No matter what sort of car you drive, if you decide to sell, you want to know you’re getting the best sale price. And for prestige cars, you need a dealer who knows what they’re dealing with. Motorway is the new way to sell your car, they aim to make it easier than ever to get your best offer on any car make and model — all 100% free. Working with a network of over 3,000 verified dealers, Motorway has sold over 500+ luxury cars in 2021 alone. We take a closer look at just how they do it.

Selling your luxury car the Motorway

Motorway has created an innovative new way to sell your car, and all it takes is a few steps:

1.   Start with a free valuation

Motorway cleverly uses real-time data to provide you with a valuation based on your reg and mileage. This data comes from their own sales platform and from broader industry trends, so the price you are given will always be based on how cars just like yours have been selling. Car prices are forever changing (you might like to know that used car prices are soaring in 2021) so it’s always wise to sell sooner rather than later if your valuation looks particularly appealing.

2.   Make a car profile

Motorway makes it simple to create a car profile — forget the days of writing long-winded descriptions and fielding Q&As from interested buyers (or time wasters). With Motorway, you can create a car profile right from your phone in just a few taps. You’re guided through all the key questions and then asked to photograph your car. Motorway works with verified, experienced dealers, so don’t be afraid to document scratches and scrapes, too. In fact, failing to be honest at this step may lead to your sale falling through. Remember, experienced used cars dealers know high-quality luxury cars when they see them, a dent or a scratch isn’t going to do much to put them off.

3.   Sit back and relax

When your car profile is complete, Motorway will alert dealers to your car entering one of their daily sales. Dealers make their offers, and all you have to do is sit back and wait for the highest offer to be presented to you when the sale ends. Why is this so much better than the old ways? Because you don’t have to do a thing. Dealers don’t reach out to you trying to haggle you down, you don’t have to bluff your way through ‘car talk’ trying to negotiate the price up. Dealers make their offer, and hope it’s more than others. Essentially, this puts dealer against dealer, not seller against dealer. The result is a great deal for you, no stress involved.

Motorway will present you with the highest offer your car received and you can approve, or not. There is no pressure to go ahead with the sale at any stage, you’re always free to walk away.

4.   Collection from your home

The buying dealer will collect your car right from your home, so you don’t have to worry about driving to a drop-off point. They will want to inspect your vehicle to make sure it matches your profile, and if everything is in order, they’ll pay you by secure bank transfer — 90% of payments are received the same day.

Tips for selling your luxury car

Be honest

Hiding key facts about your car will never end well. Dealers are experienced in buying cars of all makes, models, mileage, and ages — you can’t, and shouldn’t try to, pull the wool over their eyes. If you haven’t been truthful about a fault in your car, and the dealer spots it on collection, they may simply refuse to buy your car. This is true for anyone, even if you look for a private buyer through a newspaper listing. Always be upfront, so you can all benefit from a car sale.

Make your car look its best

It goes without saying that a well-loved car is easy to spot. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle, treat it to a bit of TLC. A wash and polish, a quick hoover on the inside, give it a full valet service if you prefer, the important thing is that your car looks great in its profile. Sure, people aren’t expecting used cars to be perfect, but it’s only natural that a mud-covered car isn’t going to look terribly appealing, even if it’s an iconic make.

Know your car’s worth

Cars are often the pride and joy of their owners, and that’s doubly true for luxury cars that are true statements of style and function. However, one rule doesn’t change — no matter what car you drive, they depreciate with time. Age doesn’t mean a buyer will automatically dismiss your car (Motorway has sold luxury cars as old as 11 years old) but it does mean you can expect to make less than a car that is identical, just a little younger.

Mileage also plays a role in your final selling price, generally, the lower, the better. So, don’t go in expecting unrealistic prices, and don’t trick yourself into thinking your car is worth more than is reasonable. Thinking your car is better than what a dealer (who has also beaten other dealer offers) is willing to pay may end in you missing out on a great deal, after all, who knows what the car market could look like in several months time when you try to sell again.