How to Style Coats During the Winter Season

How to Style Coats During the Winter Season

The winter months may be cold and wet – depending of course where you choose to spend them – but that doesn’t mean you can’t remain stylish! The trick to getting the look right lies in choosing the coat you wear, and then knowing how best to style it. The great thing is that there is plenty of choice in high-end men’s coats and outerwear, with some very attractive, top quality garments available, so if you have a style in mind, you’ll have no trouble finding the best coat for the season. If you’re undecided on this year’s winter style, you’re in the right place!

Wide Choice of Men’s Winter Coats

The choice you are faced with when buying top quality winter coats is a very varied one, and it might be so that you are unsure where to start! Let’s begin with a classic – the Parka. This type of heavy outdoors-type coat is a style classic. Pair it with jeans and a thick shirt and you will look the part at the Country Club, for example, as well as in your favorite bar with friends.

Remember that part of the purpose of a winter coat is the protection it provides. If you’re staying in the UK for winter you need protection against cold and damp weather, and a parka – with its hard-wearing outer shell and faux-fur collar, is hard to beat. For the best look, find one with the drawstring cords; you don’t need to use them, but they look the part and add that touch of style that shouts of quality. Also considering custom sport coats are the perfect choice for work, dinner parties, or any other formal occasion where you want to dress to impress.

The Classic Peacoat

No man’s wardrobe should be without an example of the classic, stylish and very versatile peacoat. With its neat military style – originally they were designed for naval officers – and regimented button and collar layout, this is a coat for the formal occasions that demand your presence in the festive season, but also one that can be paired with a pair of jeans and a shirt – and even a quality pair of trainers – for a smart-casual effect.

Warm and comfortable, and available from some top brands and in a vast range of colours and sizes, this is a timeless look that will never be out of fashion. For a top styling tip, we suggest adding a scarf – one for effect rather than practicality – as this adds that extra dapper touch that will make people notice you’ve made an effort.

Chore Coats are In

The trend for industrial and commercial clothing ideas moving into mainstream fashion may have started with denim jeans, but it didn’t stop there! The chore coat was originally designed for use by people who were obliged to work in the open, exposed to the elements, and is usually made from very durable, thick and protective cotton canvas. These days, this style of coat – complete with the necessary four large front pockets as originally designed – is a favorite with fashionistas everywhere, and with good reason.

The chore coat simply looks good, no matter what you wear it with. Try it with a pair of Chelsea boots – another winter essential – and your favourite jeans or chinos plus a textured shirt, and you have the perfect man about town look that is easy to wear as well as warm. Find one with a fleece lining and you’re onto a winter winner that you will never tire of.

The Country Look

We don’t have enough space to cover all the possible styling tips for winter coats so we suggest you check this site for some great ideas on what to wear and how to accessorize your outfits. There is, however, one final type of winter coat we must mention, as it is very much in vogue right now: the waxed jacket.

No longer solely worn by sheep farmers who need the protection of the waxed cotton to guard them against the weather in the hills, waxed jackets are the very height of fashion now, and the ‘Country Gent’ look is now favoured in city circles as well as with the country set. Buy one of these, and you’ll have a coat that lasts a lifetime, and one that - with age – simply gets better.

Be prepared for winter, and get yourself a new coat; it’s a fashion decision that you won’t regret.