How to Travel In Style as a College Student

How to Travel In Style as a College Student

Going to college is a huge accomplishment. It's also the time where you get to forge new friends and create memories that last a lifetime. That said, it's also a time where most college students have a tight budget and need to find ways to save money. So, when spring or summer break comes, most students want to make the most of it and go on vacation. Traveling in style is sometimes easier said than done. Even with a part-time job, you may not have enough money to fund this excursion. However, that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on luxurious items and luggage bags to travel in style. In this article, we'll be going over how college students can travel in style while on a budget.

Use High-Quality Bags or Suitcases

Sure, all the essential packing tips will tell you it really doesn't matter where you put your best outfits, but sometimes, you may want to go the extra mile and use an eye-catching bag. Whether it's a luxury carry-on bag or a Chanel suitcase, there's nothing wrong with being a little "boogey" when you travel. If anything, it can make your trip even more special.

Bring Your Best Outfits

It's astounding to think how much of an impact a mere set of clothes can have on one's entire mood. It can make you feel like you're the king or queen of the world for a little while. This is exactly how everyone should feel when they travel in style. As you go through your wardrobe, make sure to bring your best outfits.

Wear Some New Accessories

If you're someone who likes to strut their stuff when they walk, then getting new travel accessories is an absolute must. The best part is that it doesn't have to be anything too fancy; traveling in style is different for everyone. If you're a guy, consider going for an off-brand Rolex. Women can redefine their style by pairing a brand-new handbag with their new outfit. The sky's the limit when it comes to finding new accessories, so don't hesitate to go over your options.

Make Sure You're Financially Prepared

If there's one thing that's always going to be out of style, it's not being well-prepared financially. Traveling, as fun and exciting as it is, is a responsibility. You need to make sure you're financially prepared before even considering a location. Since college students might not have the funds to travel, even if you're planning on going to a place within your country, you can still expect to spend hundreds.

If we're talking about going overseas for your vacation, then you can expect to pay thousands. Either way, there are ways for you to finance your trip and anything you may want to make it more luxurious. As a college student, you have one of the best financing options at your disposal, which are student credit cards. Student credit cards are very similar to traditional ones with the only real difference being the benefits attached to them. These benefits do vary by lender, but the one you ultimately want is a low interest rate.

Nothing is more stylish than using a credit card as you please without any repercussion, so to speak. The reason why credit cards are so difficult to pay back is because of how unpredictable the interest rates are. There are some cards that have a rate over 20 percent. Without an interest rate holding you down, you have a fantastic opportunity to spend the funds necessary for your trip.

It's not recommended you max out the card as that's just irresponsible and can put you in quite a bad situation. Keep in mind that you're still responsible for the payments, so you must spend wisely. Applying for a student credit card for the first time may be a little overwhelming, which is why you should review online guides that go into more detail about what they are and the best lenders to choose from.