How to Travel in Ultimate Luxury with the Pinnacle of Sunglasses

How to Travel in Ultimate Luxury with the Pinnacle of Sunglasses

We all love breathing in windy air on a luxurious vacation that doesn't feel harsh to our eyes.

Just imagine cruising through a bright environment with the air whispering secrets and your eyes soaking up comfort and coolness. Guess what? It's real – it happens when you wear the right choice of most luxurious sunglasses.

In this article, let’s explore how many options you have and how to choose from these lovingly created sunglasses for stylish travelers to make your next outing luxurious with amazing colors and materials. 

Choosing Your Sunglasses - Frames

For the best luxury sunglasses, frames are crucial. The frame material, shape, and design of your shades affect their appearance, feel, and longevity.

Frame Materials

Popular high-end sunglasses frame materials include:

  • Titanium is hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant, and ultralight. They are flexible but not readily bent. They resist scratches well.
  • Real 22-24 carat gold frames are hypoallergenic and nontarnish. Gold's malleability keeps frames in form. No doubt, these frames are stylish and expensive.
  • Stainless steel frames are durable. They withstand scratches and keep their shape. Stainless steel is utilized for wire-rimmed aviator sunglasses.
  • Plastic frames are made of high-quality cellulose acetate and have spectacular transparency and rich hues. Acetate frames are comfy and light. They may be less durable than metal frames.
  • Strong and lightweight carbon fiber frames are durable. This popular composite material's sleek, high-tech appearance reflects its superior qualities.

Frame Shapes and Styles

Personal taste determines frame style. These are some of the most popular designs for high-end frames:

  • Aviation - The teardrop-shaped metal structure with a double or triple bridge. Aviators suit oval, round, and diamond faces.
  • Wayfarer - Classic angular plastic frames. Flatten heart, oval, diamond, and square faces with wayfarers.
  • The Cat Eye - It has dramatic upswept frames with pointy edges. Cat eyes suit diamond, oval, heart, and round faces.
  • Straight frames - It comes with clean rectangular lenses for a powerful look. On oval, round, and diamond faces, rectangles flatten.
  • Large frame front and broad temples. Oval, oblong, and diamond faces suit oversized frames.

To look your best while traveling in luxury, choose the right sunglasses frame material, shape, and style.

Choosing Your Sunglasses - Lenses

UV Protection

Protect your eyes with 100% UV sunglasses. UVA and UVB radiation harm the skin and eyes. Up to 95% of UV light reaching Earth's surface is UVA, which can penetrate clouds and glass. Summer UVB rays are stronger. It’s, therefore, safe to use premium/luxurious sunglasses to block 99-100% of UVA and UVB radiation.

Polarized vs. Non-Polarized

Polarized sunglasses minimize glare, making sunny days more comfortable. The lenses exclude bright reflected light using a filter. In snow, water, and road glare, polarized lenses increase visibility.

You have to drive often or be near reflecting surfaces? Polarized lenses are best.

No polarization filter blocks glare in non-polarized lenses. For low-glare activities or changeable light conditions, they may work. Photochromic and anti-reflective lens coatings reduce glare on non-polarized lenses.

Lens Color

Color of lens affects color and depth perception. Different lens tints have application benefits:

  • Gray reduces brightness and glare without distorting color. A versatile choice.
  • Brown improves contrast and depth. Ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Amber/copper lenses improve contrast and detail. They function nicely in dim light.
  • Green lenses enhance contrast and depth. They prevent eyestrain and are great for golf, tennis, and other activities.
  • Glare is reduced by lens coatings. Style comes in many colors.

Think about your sunglasses' uses and choose lens characteristics and hues.

Remember that darker lenses with reduced light transmission aren't always better. Moderate darkness with UV protection suits most luxury travel.

How Do You Take Care of Your Luxury Sunglasses?

Luxury sunglasses are an investment that requires specific care. Here are some sunglasses care needs for luxury travel:

Bags and Gear

Fashionably protect your eyewear while traveling. Your favorite designers' travel cases in fine leathers, soft suedes, or exquisite designs. Some cases have built-in towels or lens cleaners to maintain your shades. Purchase a case you'll like.

Consider a crushing-proof hard-shell case for shorter journeys. A foldable case saves space. Also, remember to bring microfiber lens cloths for delicate cleaning and tiny screwdrivers for tightening loose screws.

Lens-cleaning cloth

Use a high-quality eyeglasses microfiber towel to keep lenses clean and scratch-free while traveling. Unlike paper towels or clothing, microfiber removes dirt and oils without lint or damages. Choose ultra-soft cloths for pricey coatings.

Compact lens spray cleaners swiftly remove smudges for extra luxury. A misting spray and gentle microfiber cloth give you a clean look everywhere.

Other sunglass care tips

To avoid scratches, don't lay sunglasses lenses down on harsh surfaces. Let damp items air dry instead of wiping to protect coatings. When not in use, store it in the case.

Consider damage or loss insurance. Repairing your luxury shades should be covered by warranty and done by qualified specialists.

Look after your eyewear like a prized property. If maintained, your shades can last for many pleasant holidays.

Final Thoughts

Enjoying the finer things in life involves wearing the greatest sunglasses while traveling in luxury. Buy a pair of high-quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and look your best.

Choose an option with 100% UV protection and polarized or non-polarized lenses.

After reading these guidelines, you may pick the right sunglasses for a luxury vacation.