How to Travel with Your Luxury Watches?

How to Travel with Your Luxury Watches?

Traveling may not beat watches on the priority list of enthusiastic collectors and fans, but the desire to visit new places and explore the world is within all of us. But even though traveling is further down the list, timekeeping and traveling are closely related, especially when crossing time zones.

Whether visiting my parents during the holidays, going on a weekend trip with my friends, or even a solo trip to another country, traveling is a core part of my life. I love the idea of packing my bag and just leaving the reality of work and other life problems behind just for a couple of days. I try to meet new people, network, and make friends while traveling, and my wrist companion is among my most suitable tools to spark up a conversation. So for whatever reason you might be traveling, this guide will reveal the best ways to take your luxury timepieces with you.

Where are You Traveling to?

Before you decide on the kind of watches you want to take on a trip, you have to think about the type of place you are visiting. Is it a safe place? Are the people over there receptive? How’s the weather? Is it freezy, humid, or rainy? Are you likely to sweat a lot? These are the questions you want to ask yourself before even deciding to travel with a timepiece.

If it’s your first time visiting a place, you can look around on forums about the place's safety ratings, weather reports, and terrain conditions to see if it will be a good decision to take a luxury watch with you. And if you feel it won’t be a wise decision to go with your favourite timepiece, sometimes it’s better to dial down your desires to look your best for the long term benefit of keeping your watch safe.

What are You Traveling for?

My job does not require me to travel much, so most times I travel, I’m mostly visiting historical places, camping, partying, or just going from place to place sightseeing. So I make sure a big part of my collection contains some of the best everyday watches, the ones that are sturdy and durable, timepieces that I can wear for any activity and be confident they won’t get damaged.

If you’re going for a work trip or a destination where you will be shaking a lot of hands and closing deals, you need a dress watch that can make a statement. If you’re traveling for a holiday or just going sightseeing, you should be packing rugged watches with you, the ones that don’t require you to be too careful while you have them on. You might be going on a work trip, and after that, you’re hitting the club; in this case, a daily beater would do perfect justice.

Securing Your Watch

After deciding the kind of watches you want to take on your trip, you have to package them safely. Most people recommend a watch roll to put your timepieces inside while traveling, I don’t really buy that idea because they are often made soft, and they do not offer the proper protection for watches while traveling long distances.

They are great for moving your watches from room to room or laying out your collection on a table for servicing, repair, or display. Gentle traveling settings make an exception here, if you jump on the jet for quick business without throwing your backpack around too much, watch rolls do the job just fine. Usually, however, backpacks get thrown around, they slip and fall, or you might even forget you’ve got watches in your bag or hand luggage and rest on them. Some watch rolls are even more expensive than the watches inside them, and they do not offer the correct value for the money.

A pod case or a sturdy watch holder is a lot more likely to hold their ground even during rough traveling. They are built with rugged cases and integrated pillows that press against your watch softly, and you don’t have to be worried about them getting hit or knocked around; some of them can take as much as five to ten watches.

Tips For Traveling With Your Watch

I’ve heard countless stories about people losing their watches after putting them in the tray while going through the security check at the airport. Thousands of people travel at a time, and people have different intentions, so the smart thing to do is put your watch in the carry-on; that way, your timepiece is safer and can’t quickly be scooped away without you noticing. If possible, avoid leaving your watch in the checked in bag. People lose bags every day at the airport, and who knows, it might be your turn tomorrow, so always keep your watches in your carry-on with you at all times.

Having insurance is another way of securing your timepiece. Many companies now offer specialized insurance for watches, and the policies cover loss of your watch, damage, theft, and some even cover in-transit delays, so having insurance on your luxury timepiece is an excellent way of securing them if any one of these things happens. Even some travel insurance covers all your valuables while traveling, including your watches. Although they might be more expensive than ordinary watch insurance, they are a better option to secure all of your valuables at once while traveling.

A bonus travel tip for your watch: If you’re traveling to places with extreme weather conditions, watch out for the insulation of your packaging both in terms of temperature and water resistance.

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Final Thoughts

While traveling, taking an irreplaceable watch is never a fully safe option. Timepieces that are fragile, vintage, limited edition, or anyone you consider very personal should be kept safe and secure. Pick modern watches that are hardcore, strong, manufactured in bulk, and won’t break your heart if anything happens to them eventually in case you can’t ensure its safety.

By following these tips, you can be confident that your luxury timepieces will be safe, arrive at your destination, and keep serving you for many more years.