How We Live: Designers' and Artists' Homes Around the World

How We Live: Designers' and Artists' Homes Around the World
American photographer Marcia Prentice traveled to each of the international cities to experience and present 'the soul' of a diverse selection of domestic spaces, revealing the unique spirit of each creative environment. The book includes homes shown in the context of both the pristine, more-established design cities as well as urban locales where economic disadvantage and strife impacts daily life. Each of the 18 featured homeowners provide a glimpse into their private, interior world to show us how the design and atmosphere created in one's own home can be the ultimate artistic canvas.

MARCIA PRENTICE is an American photographer whose style captures the intersection of emotion and design in the home. Her photography has been featured in such publications as Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair Italia, and Casa International (Beijing).

• A lavishly illustrated travel journal or interior design book from interior photographer, Marcia Prentice, featuring 18 different international cities and
• A look inside the private, domestic spaces of creative thinkers from around the
• A distinctive sourcebook for 'of-the-moment,' non-opulent global style and
personalized interior design.

Published by teNeues:

How We Live

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