Icelandair Offers Buddy Hotline Service for Insider Advice

Icelandair Offers Buddy Hotline Service for Insider Advice

Icelandair has launched the Buddy Hotline Service, which connects Icelandair travelers with a local Buddy (an Iceland local and member of the Icelandair team) to provide firsthand advice via phone or Facebook Messenger.  Due to popular demand, the service has now been extended and will be available until July 8th to help fill the desires of the 68% of Americans who seek more tips from locals when traveling in a foreign country.

The Buddy Hotline can provide travelers with all types of tips including how to spend a night in the midnight sun to the top spots to see puffins and much more, all while visiting one of today’s hottest destinations. The service is available to all Icelandair passengers weekdays from 9 am – 3 pm and weekends from 12 pm – 3 pm ET.

Findings from the Icelandair Survey:

-          In an era of fake news, Americans are more skeptical of what they read online, making it the perfect time to bring back the popular Buddy service and connect travelers with a live expert.   71% revealed that they are more aware of the existence of fake reviews than five years ago, and 82% admitted that they trust reviews considerably less.

-          Over one quarter of Americans (27%) feel ‘overwhelmed’ when planning a holiday, due to the amount of sources of reviews and recommendations

-          Over half even feel ‘anxious’ (23%), ‘stressed’ (16%) or ‘confused’ (13%) about what they should and shouldn’t book

-          55% of Americans worry about missing out on some experiences while on vacation

-          50% of Americans prefer to speak to a local when seeking trusted and authentic travel recommendations because locals have more knowledge than any other source

-          Americans travel sustainably by shopping locally (43%), eating like a local (36%), and supporting the local economy (38%)