Important Questions to Ask When Searching For Dog-Friendly Vacation Properties

Important Questions to Ask When Searching For Dog-Friendly Vacation Properties

Any dog owner will tell you that their pooch is not just their pet but their bonafide family member. When it comes to family vacations, their heart sinks when they have to leave their furry friend back at home with a pet sitter or at a kennel. So, the next time you plan a holiday, why not search for holiday properties that allow dogs on their premises? You may also secure your dog by acquiring insurance for it. You can find the best deal for pet insurance at Bivvy.

There are a multitude of pet-friendly properties that not only allow pets to stay but even make special arrangements for their four-legged guests. However, looking for such properties comes with its own set of concerns. So, to be sure, don't forget to ask these critical questions while looking for dog-friendly holiday properties.

How do you welcome dogs on your property?

Just like they welcome you in their property with a welcome drink and refreshments, they must welcome your beloved pet too. With a welcome hamper containing goods like bowls, blankets, biscuits, and squeaky toys, your pet will feel at home and enjoy their time during their holidays. Providing some poo bags would also help, as many guests usually forget them while packing their bags.

Is your flooring pet-friendly?

Dogs usually like to get muddy and wet. If you happen to visit a nearby beach, garden, or countryside, they will bring some mud back to the holiday property. So, their flooring should be easy to clean, or they may have a special place outside to clean the dog's paws before they can enter inside. If they have a beautiful cream carpet, it may get dirty with your dog's muddy pawprints, and they may charge you extra for that. Providing an old dog-friendly towel would also be a great idea.

Do you have a dog-friendly garden in the vicinity?

It is essential to have an enclosed garden on the property so that your pet can roam around freely without the fear of getting lost. Having a dog-proof fence is even more appealing. Some gardens also have particular bins at different places for poo bags.

Do you have a day-care service for dogs?

During your holiday, you may want to visit a place that does not allow pets to enter. In such a situation, you would need to leave your pet back at the holiday property. So, it's vital to ensure that they have day-care services to keep your pet safe and entertained while you are away.

Do you charge anything extra for pets?

Even if the property is pet-friendly, it needs to be kept fresh and clean with no smells. They would need to do some extra cleaning to remove pet hairs and ensure that everything remains bright and sparkling. So, when you search for holiday properties that allow dogs, you will find that many of them charge an extra fee of a few dollars per night per dog. Ask these charges before renting one.

Are there any areas in the property where pets are not allowed?

There should be clear guidelines about where your pets can and cannot enter the property. Many properties do not allow pets to enter the bedrooms, anywhere upstairs, or on the furniture. There may be specific places where your dog can sleep. Some have stair-gates to stop the dogs from going upstairs.

Are there any dog-friendly facilities nearby?

Try to search for holiday properties that have other dog-friendly facilities nearby. There might be cafes and pubs that also welcome four-legged guests. Ask about any dog-friendly pubs, beaches, and walks in the vicinity. Certain dog-friendly abbeys, castles, and gardens will also be a bonus plus.

How many dogs are allowed on your property?

The number and size of dogs allowed in the property depend on the property's size. If you want to take more than one dog, you would need to find a property that allowed multiple dogs at a time.

What safety measures have you added to the property for dogs?

While you are holidaying with your pet, you have to take care of them just like children. Enquire about any dangerous areas in and around their premises, such as sharp drops, potholes, wild animals, etc. Ask about any shoots around the area so that you can keep your dog on a lead. Also, look at any breakables and keep them out of your pet's reach.

What dog-friendly touches does your property have?

The property will be useful only if it has a pet-friendly touch, such as hooks where you can hang the leash. Dog cushions and pictures will also be great. Dog-themed interiors will create interest in your pet and win your heart.

So, if you plan to go on holiday with your dog, don't forget to ask these critical questions before booking.