Iniala Beach House, Ultra Luxury Retreat Opens in Phuket

Iniala Beach House, Ultra Luxury Retreat Opens in Phuket
Each villa comes with its own spa and personal therapist and is uniquely decorated by world-renowned designers, while three-star Michelin Chef Eneko Atxa from Spain oversees the on-property restaurant Aziamendi Situated on Natai Beach just 20 minutes north of Phuket Airport, Iniala Beach House has unobstructed views of the beach and the Andaman Sea.

Villas and Design

Iniala is comprised of three villas (each with three suites), and one spectacular Iniala penthouse suite. The residence is a masterpiece of design fusing traditional Thai architecture with organic, contemporary forms. World-renowned designers of the villas include The Campana Brothers of Brazil, A-Cero from Spain, Joseph Walsh of Ireland, Mark Brazier-Jones and Graham Lamb from Britain and Thailand's Eggarat Wongcharit. Every bedroom and living space is completely different, a unique expression from these masters of contemporary design.

Villa Siam is designed by Eggarat Wongcharit and is a maximalist fantasy inspired by Thai culture and Buddhism; includes beds and sofas hanging from the ceiling by wicker bamboo. The villa's own spa is located within an ancient Thai bell, with Buddhist teachings inscribed in the walls.

Villa Bianca combines the designs of A-Cero of Spain, comprising abstract explosions of art while two of the bedrooms represent giant seashells. Philosophy of Design of Russia has created a conceptual room based around the most famous of Russian icons, the Matryoshka. It is a playful set of dolls decreasing in size, placed one inside the other and this is reflected in the villa – populated with sleek and modern versions of the doll.

The Collectors Villa is a compendium of leading contemporary design, including remarkable work by The Campana Brothers of Brazil. Ceramic, adorned public spaces are at the heart of the villa, while Mother of Pearl and Bronze shine in the spa and the 22-seat private cinema inside is a Campana classic. The bedrooms within the Collectors Villa are each as individual and eclectic as the artists who have conceived them. Elegant and sunny from Spain's Jaime Hayon; a symphony of ash wood and stone from Ireland's Joseph Walsh; and a sensual
boudoir from New Zealand's Mark Brazier-Jones.

The Iniala Penthouse is a collaboration between founder Mark Weingard and Iniala's Chief Design Director, British-born Graham Lamb. It is futuristic, innovative, surreal and sexy. The Penthouse concept is that of a holistic environment – upon entering the room, guests take off their shoes as if they were entering a desertscape. The floor melts beneath their feet like sand. The bed extends from the ceiling, while the bathing area is sunken like an oasis in the Sahara.

Additionally, the penthouse includes two separate sanctuaries, one for adults and one for children. The Island of Iniala, designed by American Chris Jones is a space for children of all ages. The space is intended to inspire adventure -- fairytales of pirates and jungles and includes a kitchen where children can learn to cook with the help of Iniala chefs.

The Playhouse, for adults only, is a fully-equipped private gymnasium complete with a boxing ring inspired by heroes of sport and art, alongside a bar, billiards and more.

Mark Weingard, founder of Iniala, commented: “Iniala is not just a retreat to relax in by the beach in Phuket – it is also a temple of global design, art and gastronomy. I am delighted that some of the world's foremost creative leaders are creating Iniala Beach House – the ultimate place to stay in Asia. This is just the start of Iniala around the world as we develop a fresh, innovative Residence that will be a joy to stay in and dine in.”


The restaurant at Iniala is called Aziamendi and is overseen by Eneko Atxa, the youngest chef to have ever received 3-Michelin Stars in Spain. Eneko's creatively crafted cuisine seduces the senses. He has created a new concept for Aziamendi, overlooking the Natai River, combining his traditional European techniques with the best of local Thai ingredients. Signature dishes include Bonsai Tree of juicy cherry tomatoes, Truffled Egg, Foie Gras Ash, Mushroom Tea, Snapper with morning glory and petits fours including white chocolate with mint and cloud.


At the core of Iniala is a big heart. Iniala has a strong charitable philosophy with 10% of all room revenues, and 5% of other revenues, going to charity. The Inspirasia Foundation was set up by Iniala's owner 10 years ago and is committed to funding exceptional health, disability and education projects across Thailand, Indonesia and India.

The Iniala Beach House is available for private hire from US $80,000 per week. Individual villas and the Iniala Penthouse Suite are also available for hire from US $21,000 per week.

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