Inside Miami’s Real Estate Market with Reid Heidenry

Inside Miami’s Real Estate Market with Reid Heidenry

Reid Heidenry is one of the top real estate agents for Sotheby’s Miami Beach. Getting there was not an easy road. It took 16 years of consistent and disciplined work to become a stalwart in Miami’s real estate market. Heidenry decided to relocate to Miami from his hometown of St. Louis for college.

At the University of Miami, where he majored in business, he was a high jumper on the track team. When most people often jump from career to career hoping to find their passion, Heidenry committed to real estate soon after graduation. First, he worked for Next Model Management, which helped him attain a vast network of clients from the fashion industry. And throughout his work, he has worked to learn all aspects of the industry, with steadfast commitment to his foundation of success - discipline and consistency.

When speaking about Miami, Heidenry has glowing reviews. He says the city is in stark contrast to other major cities in the U.S. because it is very young. He also makes an analogy of Miami to the stock market. He says that if Miami were a stock, he would buy it because owning property in Miami is like owning stock in the city. He is also very fond of the Caribbean atmosphere, the people, the lack of state income tax, and the abundance of great activities.

A typical workday for Heidenry varies from long hours of research on the computer, to spending the entire day traveling for showings. He also says that many people from New York have moved to Miami during the Covid pandemic, looking for fewer regulations and a great life style. Heidenry believes that Miami is shifting its image from that of a party city, to a place where professional can live and conduct business.

When Heidenry isn’t working, he enjoys watching Netflix, traveling, and going to venues in Miami like The Standard and Socialista Lounge. For those looking to attain similar success in real estate, Heidenry says it is important to take time to reflect on your accomplishments, while always striving to get better and improve.

To get in touch with Reid regarding real estate, contact him here. Follow his Instagram to get an inside look at his life and all the best things about Miami.