Inside Qvesoir, Tampa's New Playpen for the Well to Do

Inside Qvesoir, Tampa's New Playpen for the Well to Do

On a recent Thursday night on the historic block of 7th Ave in Ybor City, a British billionaire and NYC hedge-fund titan, 51, mingle on gleefully as there 25-year-old actress/model girlfriend, and 37-year-old wife dance the night away on top of ...wait for it... BEDS!

Welcome to Qvesoir, Tampa’s newest millionaire lair. Sure, it may sound like the name of a French cocktail, but leading up to the grand opening in early May 2020, the city’s rich, famous and aspiring have been flocking to the Guestlist of this restaurant/lounge like HotSpot.

And what a home it is. Located on 20th & 7th in the heart of Ybor City this 11 Bed - 40 cabana - 2 outdoor swimming pools glamor hub is a case study in decadence — from the food to the décor to the women, whose legs are as long as their dresses are short. However, there is a spoiler, the chances of getting in are super slim. The door is very tight and they choose wisely of who they let in; basically, if you’re not spending the big bucks it’s a no go! But if you manage to get by the strict entry, you will certainly rub shoulders with some of the hottest business moguls and vibrant socialites of the Tampa Bay area.

Super Private with over the moon elegance and luxury at every turn. I recommend this new place to everyone, everyone who can afford it that is.

Qvesoir is located at 1920 E. 7th Ave in Ybor City, Tampa