Inspiring Majorca Locations to Enrich your Life

Inspiring Majorca Locations to Enrich your Life

Head a few hundred miles east of the Spanish city of Valencia and you arrive at the beautiful Balearic Island of Majorca.  A land blessed with rugged scenic beauty, a majestic history, and every kind of holiday attraction you can think of including brilliant restaurants, golden beaches, and plenty of activities.  Everything today’s luxury traveler could wish for.

Getting Around Majorca

Majorca has a comprehensive road network that takes you anywhere you want to go.  The roads are long and winding taking you across beautiful mountains and scenic countryside.  Due to the mountainous nature of some parts of the country, the roads provide a driving test and have been described on Trip Advisor ‘as dangerous’ by some travelers. 

Nonetheless, a rental car is the way to get around this island and take in everything that it has to offer.  You can rent a car in Majorca airport which is great for convenience giving you more time to explore this wonderful island.

With this in mind let’s look at the best places Majorca has to offer.


Alcúdia is the perfect way to experience Majorca’s rich cultural past.  The town was first inhabited by the Phoenicians and Greeks, and around 123 B.C. the Romans settled in Alcúdia, renaming it Pollentia.

The town underwent violent attacks over the years from vandals, Arabic peoples, and Byzantines.  Eventually, the Christians conquered the town.  Evidence from attacks and invasions from the various civilizations can still be seen here today.  Simply veer off a busy main street and different cultures from the past emerge.

The center of the town is enclosed by a town wall that dates back to the 14th century by King Jaume II.  It is the only entirely preserved town wall on the whole island.  It was built to protect the town’s inhabitants.  Sadly, during the 16th century, Alcúdia came under attack once more forcing many inhabitants to flee.  Once the harbor was constructed in 1779, however, the town began to thrive thanks to its newfound commerce.

Today, tourism thrives in the old town and many a cultural treat can be experienced.  When you’re ready, you can walk to Port d’Alcúdia, well known for its holiday resorts and get something to eat while looking out on the yachts in the harbor.

Cap Formentor Lighthouse

If you were to drive further north form Alcúdia you would pick up the Ma-2200 the Formentor Road.  This gem of a road offers a good driving challenge as you will need nerves of steel to negotiate the sheer drops that you will encounter. 

As you drive you will not fail to notice the spectacular views of the sea and the sheer cliff faces that the road has been cut into.  If the journey sounds exciting, then the destination offers a very different tranquil experience.

The Cap Formentor Lighthouse is at Majorca’s most northerly point and offers fantastic views of the island’s northern peninsula as well as an amazing view out to sea.  In fact, those that have seen it say it is one of the best sunsets you can watch.

Serra de Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana (or Tramuntana Mountain Range) is a UNESCO world heritage site.  It spans the north-west coast of the island and should be on your itinerary for any visit to the island.  It’s past, the views, the culture, makes the mountain range hard to ignore.

The mountains offer amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea and sweeping views across valleys where scores of olive trees, almond trees, orange trees, tomato plants and vines cover the slopes.  The region was first settled by Arabic settlers which put in advanced irrigation systems that allowed fauna to grow on the slopes. 

Christian settlers in the 13th century built on these early irrigation systems introducing terrace farming which allowed the lush plant life to flourish.

As you drive along the Ma-10 that spans the Serra de Tramuntana you will discover hidden villages and tucked away towns.  Many have vibrant markets and exquisite places to eat as well as a culture and history to explore.  No visit to Majorca is complete without a visit to Serra de Tramuntana and the long winding roads that span the mountain range will give you a sense of adventure.

Puig Major the highest reachable point on the island the town of Sóller are two gems to explore in the mountains.

Majorca Luxury Accommodation

Majorca is blessed with luxury accommodation to suit all tastes.  There is a range of 4/5* hotels dotted all over the island which offers the best of the best in terms of service.  Many have exclusive services for the more discerning traveler. 

For more exclusiveness, you could opt for a beachfront or mountain villa with private pool.  There is plenty of choices and with a decent rental car, the island really is your oyster.

Although there are many rental car options, most travelers go with  They offer a highly professional service and have excellent models to power you up the mountains and grip the road.