InterContinental Hotels & Resorts Introduces iPad2 FaceTime Video Chatting with Concierges

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts Introduces iPad2 FaceTime Video Chatting with Concierges
As the first global hotel brand to equip its Concierge teams with the iPad, InterContinental is committed to ensuring travelers have unparalleled access to local attractions, cultural events and "Insider" travel tips.

Using the innovative FaceTime® feature on Apple products – be it a MacBook, iPhone® 4, iPod touch® or iPad 2 – consumers can video chat with InterContinental's highly equipped Concierge teams and receive top notch personalized service and destination recommendations before they even leave home.

InterContinental properties participating in the initiative include:

InterContinental New York Barclay
InterContinental San Francisco
InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta
InterContinental Houston
InterContinental London Park Lane
InterContinental Dubai Festival City
InterContinental Shanghai Expo
InterContinental Hong Kong
ANA InterContinental Tokyo
InterContinental Bali Resort

In addition to being the first global hotel brand to provide its staff with the iPad, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts was the first major hotel brand to offer consumers an app designed specifically for the iPad in December 2010. To date, InterContinental's free Concierge app, which allows current and future guests to tap into the collective knowledge and experiences of “Insider” Concierge teams in more than 140 destinations, has been downloaded by more than 7,000 consumers and has received a four out of five star rating.

The enhancements associated with the iPad 2 along with InterContinental's Concierge app for the iPad allows consumers to explore over 140 exciting cities and exotic destinations where InterContinental Hotels & Resorts are located by providing immediate access to the following:

• FaceTime video chatting with Concierge teams at the ten InterContinental hotels participating the in the global pilot (also available via iPhone® 4, iPod Touch® and Mac computers)
• Destination-specific concierge videos packed with useful insider information and recommendations not normally found in travel guide books;
• Interactive globe with Google Maps technology featuring high-resolution satellite imagery, close-up street views and detailed walking routes as well as recommended shops, restaurants and local attractions;
• Recommendations and suggested itineraries for a concierge's perfect day (morning, afternoon and evening) for each location;
• Insider tips around the local culture, what to pack and interesting facts.

Travelers can connect with InterContinental Concierge teams via FaceTime and download the Concierge iPad app by visiting

As the first global hotel brand to market the iPad as an alternative mode of communication with its Concierge teams, InterContinental has the advantage of incorporating guest feedback in the launch of the brand's latest technological initiative, ensuring the iPad 2 is a remarkable platform from which to showcase interactive knowledge and premier destination access. Travelers who have had the opportunity to experience this new service and are eager to share their feedback regarding the Apple iPad 2 are invited to tweet InterContinental at, using the hashtag #ICiPad2.

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