Interview with Chet Dudzik, CEO of Jetway Private Air

Interview with Chet Dudzik, CEO of Jetway Private Air
What is the fastest growing model in private jet flying?

Pay as you go/buy as you fly. Think of this like a limo in the sky. Or if you're from New York, like dial 777. No need for long term relationships or up-front costs, whenever and wherever you'd like to fly – the new pay as you go model is a hit with affluent travelers. They're not locked into a specific type of aircraft or number of people – so whether you have 10 friends you want to take to the Super Bowl or 1 client who needs to do a road show, buy as you fly has become the new “black.”

What are the industry trends?

The industry has seen a large rotation among jet owners and short-term customers, as those private fliers who used to own planes outright now opt for lower-priced fractional shares or charters. Even affluent flyers are figuring out ways to save without compromising on the convenience of private flying. Source:

How has private flying changed recently?

In the bad economy many fractional owners wanted to avoid big up-front fees and other charges which gave rise to new models. Entrepreneurs have started introducing alternatives for existing models, including Jetway's pay-as-you-go and Surf Air's all-inclusive all-you-can-fly, though the latter is only for a limited number of destinations.

Who flies private?

CEOs and Venture Capitalists
Sports stars
Affluent travelers who want to avoid hassles

Why do you think that many private flyers stick with more costly options?

Lack of awareness, ignorance, they don't even read the contract they sign. IF they knew they could have the same jets and same crews for a lot less, we think they'd be customers of Jetway Private Air.

Where are you seeing the most growth?

Miami/Latin America route, Washington DC., hard-to-get-to spots such as Naples, FL and Monterrey, CA, clientele for corporate road shows.

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