Interview with Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry

Interview with Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry
Ed has spent the past several days traveling from South Carolina to Miami where he was with the Clinton campaign for Super Tuesday. Over the next several weeks he'll be traveling to Michigan and then to Florida leading up to the primaries in both states later this month providing coverage for America's Election Headquarters on FOX News Channel.

What is it like traveling all over covering a Presidential election?

It is truly the most exciting time of my life. And it's worth every minute of hard work.

Do you travel in a charter plane with the candidate or commercial?

There is very rarely a charter in the early days of the campaign, so it's a lot of racing through airports catching connections. Sometimes a struggle but see answer one – NOT complaining!!

In looking at the early voting states, Iowa and New Hampshire – they aren't places that people usually think of traveling to – what has been your favorite hidden gem spot in these states that people should visit?

In Iowa, there is an up and coming part of Des Moines known as East Village. How eclectic is this: the greatest political t-shirt shop called Raygun, reconnecting with the workers at a fun Lebanese restaurant called Open Sesame that was our makeshift headquarters during President Obama's 2012 reelection bid, a funky bar called Locust Tap Room, and a lively coffee shop named Scenic Route Bakery where you could run into everyone from Tom Brokaw to Bill Clinton.

There are so many wonderful small towns in New Hampshire. Jumping J's Fish House in Portsmouth is a gem. But what really stands out is Bret Baier throwing a party for the troops at the Bedford Village Inn outside Manchester long after the votes were counted in the Granite State. Check it out, quaint place to stay. And the wine tastes even better when you finally sit down and chill after I can't remember how many days without a day off.

Where are you looking forward to traveling in March with the Clinton or Sanders campaign?

Florida, Florida, Florida – circle it on the calendar – March 15. I did my penance in the cold of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Describe a typical primary or caucus night for you.

Attached to three things: an iPhone to call and email campaign officials for info, a microphone so you can tell the producers when you have something new, and an earpiece so I can go back and forth with Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly -- the best election team on TV. Oh and don't drink too much water …

What is your packing strategy? What are your must-haves on the road covering the campaigns?

I have so much experience that I can literally get it done now in 10 minutes tops. Solid colors so you can recycle outfits – such as pack just a few white and blue dress shirts, which take up more space, and then pack 10 or 12 ties of all kinds of colors, maximize the variety. Must make room for a couple of different pairs of shoes too so you're ready to go casual or dress it up.

If you only had 5 items to travel with, what would they be?

In addition to all the basic clothes and toothbrushes of course: an iPhone because I can carry everything from TV scripts to music there; a couple of good books (I'm only reading about Jackie Robinson on the campaign because I'm working on my book about him), the Shinola watch my wife got me for Valentine's Day, Tom Ford cologne so I'm not stinky -- and a pocket square , if nothing else as an homage to Bill O'Reilly, who's always teasing me about “pocket hankies.”

Do you have a favorite hotel chain on airline?

I like Marriott and Westin on the road, and American Airlines is my current favorite airline – racking up points is one of the only upsides to the long hours.

You've covered multiple campaigns dating back to 2004, where is your favorite place you have visited while covering?

Following Hillary Clinton to Miami a guy on the plane told me I had to check out Wynwood. He called it the “Brooklyn of Miami” – he was right. I was blown away – an amazing gritty arts district. I'm going back when this race is over.

How does being on the road compare to sitting front row in the White House briefing room?

Love the White House but it is limiting sitting in the same room. Travel has no limits.

What campaign stop has had the best food? Any specific restaurants?

I found two wonderful extremes. I love Las Vegas so right before the Nevada Caucuses I got to bring my crew to my buddy Julian Serrano's new restaurant Lago at Bellagio. One of our producers Tamara has been roughing it on the road so we teased her about getting to enjoy the elegant Italian food overlooking the famous fountains. And then right before the South Carolina primary we accidentally came upon the most wonderful BBQ – Scott's BBQ in Hemingway, SC. I say accidentally because we had to pull over there since my producer Jake almost ran out of gas – shh don't tell anyone! But the pit BBQ made it worth it.

Any favorite spots outside the U.S.?

I am in love with Prague. Been there about four times with President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. Can't wait to go back without any deadlines someday.

What's your ideal way to explore a new city?

Get the heck out of the hotel and the cab and walk it.

Worst travel story?

Have to say I thrive on travel – can't think of a single experience that soured me on it.

How many hours have you been on the road this year or how many miles have you traveled?

It's been a sprint so I lost count.