Interview with the General Manager of Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal

Interview with the General Manager of Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal
What is unique about your hotel's location?

The Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal is one of those Hotels that can call its location EXCEPTIONAL. It is not only about the extraordinary atmosphere created by the Chantilly forest surrounding the Hotel, but also the fact that it is "a best-kept secret", being just a few miles from Paris city centre and Charles DeGaulle airport. This offers the chance to be what our Parisian clients call a "Paris Resort Destination", but also an excellent pre or post Paris experience for our international customers.

What authentic local experiences will guests have access to?

First of all, it is important to know that the Château has its own History. A tale about great architecture, love, arts and music. This 18th-century Hotel has been renovated with the respect of authenticity, and the wish to let our guests experience "La Vie de Chateau". Beyond the chance to stay in a place full of history, we have the privilege to be just a few minutes from some amazing places and therefore great experiences: Chantilly restored Castle, the medieval town of Senlis (birthplace of the great Kings of France), where one can enjoy a typically French Market in the authentic paved streets, but also the ruins of the Abbey of Chaalis in the middle of which is hidden a small Chapel featuring beautifully restored frescoes of Francesco Primaticcio. There are dozens of other experiences from cultural to entertainment such as the great Horse racecourse in the Town of Chantilly, known as the Capital of Horse… and who would miss to be initiated to the secret of the Crème Chantilly recipe?

What are some amazing things that your Concierge can arrange?

Even though our staff loves to organize tailor-made visits to the most prestigious cultural spots of the region: Chantilly Castle, Abbey of Royaumont, Abbey of Chaalis, or private helicopter transfers from the Hotel helipad, the most amazing and popular requests from our customers are all about…. Love. In the very last months, we can be proud to have contributed to a significant number of proposals of marriage, transforming one of the 4 terraces of the Hotel into an intimate place of ceremony, creating an absolutely magical night with some 850 candles all the way along the path leading to the Chateau, and all over the terraces and balconies to the Hotel.

Does your hotel have a philosophy?

Nothing better than Tiara Hotels & Resorts' philosophy can summarize our philosophy: provide the experience of "the luxurious sense of belonging". Beyond common luxury, there is a notion of service, based on sincere empathy, founded on the belief that each customer is different because she or he carries a personal plan when deciding to stay with us (escaping the day-to-day business, gathering a family, celebrating an event, getting married,….). The more we understand this, the better we serve our clients.

What makes your hotel memorable and unforgettable?

The uniqueness of the surroundings, the quality of the renovations create an ideal setting for our customer. The charm of the Chateau inspires customers to stay in the Hotel for special occasions such as celebrations, anniversaries etc…. Therefore, the Hotel becomes a part of an unique event for each client.

What will guests rave about to their friends and family?

Guests will undoubtedly praise the quality of the renovations but even more the empathy expressed by the entire staff of the Hotel. This is what really stands out from our guest comments.

What is the atmosphere of your hotel? What types of guests does it attract?

The atmosphere of the Hotel is all about luxury and senses… quietness, contact to nature, scents, comfort of the place. Guests attracted are guests looking for a relaxing environment, with absolutely no stress. A large majority of our customers would come in couples, for a romantic experience. The most courageous of them will enjoy the visits of the various cultural environment, the others will do nothing but being pampered. A smaller proportion of our guests will come in family and enjoy the connecting bedrooms or Suites.

What makes your hotel a destination within itself?

There are not many Chateaux restored in such an authentic and elegant manner. The interior designer Pilar Paiva de Sousa has been inspired by Louis XV, Louis XVI furnitures, Toile de Jouy, chandeliers (even above the pool!), with just the right touch of modernity. Each part of the Chateau has its own history, that one can immediately feel: the Bar located in the former library, the Restaurant situated in the ancient Ballroom which featured an amazing revolving stage copied on the Opera Comique de Paris, the Royal Suite, former apartment of the first owner of the Chateau M. Fernand Halphen who chose this room for the beauty of the sunrise. Such a unique experience is worth the experience and makes the Hotel a 100% destination within itself.

Do you have a favorite meal in your restaurant(s)?

The foie gras is home-made and despite the Chef constantly changing one ingredient in the recipe at each new season (Pinot Noir in the Summer Menu, Cider in the Autumn edition), I still love it…. But apart from this one, this autumn menu, the Chef has created an extraordinary meal: "the Rib of Black Angus Beef", cooked twelve hours and served with seasonal crispy vegetables in a beef consommé"… definitely my favourite.

What is the best way for guests to "arrive in style" to your hotel?

No doubt by helicopter as the Hotel has its own helipad!
However, for most of our customers, we recommend them to let us take care of their transportation. Our limo service will pick them up anywhere in Paris or the Airport. Their Tiara experience will start there.

Do you provide any welcoming or parting amenities to guests?

Our reservation Manager is always very keen on collecting as much information as possible on our customers' stay. This way, we can personalize our welcome, and add possible customized amenities (champagne for celebrations, sweet delicacies for children, roses in room for honeymooners,…)

Can you recommend other destinations/hotels nearby (within 300 miles) that your guests should consider combining into a trip?

Needless to say that Paris will be combined with Chantilly as it is only distant by 30 miles. In addition to this memorable trip, I would recommend a 120 miles-drive east of Chantilly to the beautiful city of Reims, capital of… Champagne.

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