Interview with Katrina Campins of Mansion Global

Interview with Katrina Campins of Mansion Global

Based on the popular Mansion Global website, the 30-minute program explores the most lavish properties in the country, from mega mansions to high-priced high rises for a peek inside luxury real-estate listings. On Mansion Global, which airs on Fox Business Primetime, Katrina Campins opens the doors to the most extraordinary listings throughout the world. The program is in partnership with Dow Jones.

What trends are you seeing in luxury real estate?

People have and continue to move from the cities to the suburbs. The COVID-19 pandemic fueled migration from major cities to the suburbs and I see that trend continuing, even if at a slower pace.

Once you get a taste of that lifestyle, it's difficult to go back coupled with the suburbs being an attractive destination due to lower taxes and cheaper housing including rent prices. Demand for "middle neighborhoods" has commenced and will become the ideal new way of life. Single-family home living with the conveniences of a big city, such as multifamily housing options, good public transportation, great school options, high walkability, shopping, and restaurants.

The Sun Belt's popularity continues to rise. Over 75% of the country’s population growth in the past 10 years has been concentrated in the Sun Belt states. Taxes, weather and policies are the main drivers. This real estate market is very unique because we have an inventory shortage. In fact, single family inventory is at its lowest in 40 years. Millenials have also entered the market not expected by many, which has also added to the shortage.

What does home mean to you?

Your family, your home should be your safe haven. Your home should be your safe space, your sanctuary—the place where you can relax, slow down, tune in to yourself, and connect with the people you love. By making small adjustments, your home can become a place where you can be at home with yourself—no matter what might be happening in the world outside your door. Your home should be a physical, emotional and spiritual refuge of safety. Your home should be an atmosphere of Godly transparency. I couldn’t agree more.  Our home should be one of encouragement, accountability, and transparency. We should be the first to say, “I am struggling with this”. When those in our home see transparency, they will be more likely to share when they are hurting, upset, or need help. We should not be above asking the people in our home for help. We should feel comfortable being 100% vulnerable. After all, we are all human. Home should also be a fun place to be. Your children will want to be where it is fun. Your home should be inviting. You want to make it a place that your kids feel comfortable inviting people into. You don’t have to spend money buying the newest gadgets and games to make it a fun place. Fun is created from an attitude, not a thing. Home should be a judgement free zone. Your home should be a place where you can share anything without judgement. This doesn’t mean that people won’t have hurt feelings, nor does it eliminate the need for restitution and making things right. Eliminate clutter. In addition to having more living space, a decluttered home reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep, encourages better eating habits and boosts productivity; all perks and benefits we could use more of these days.

You’ve shown some amazing homes.  Does one stand out against all others?

9530 W Broadview Dr, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154

The craftsmanship, attention to detail, design and execution of this home is in a class of its own.

What are the most popular luxury home features for buyers today?

Saltwater pools have become very popular. They offer so many benefits that standard pools don't. As any homeowner knows, the outside of your property is just as important as the interior.  Massage rooms, cold plunge pools, kids homework and play areas have also increased in popularity and of course, home offices have gotten more elaborate. :) Fun has made a comeback which I love! I've seen everything from a bowling alley, batting cage, trampoline, basketball courts to jaw dropping home theaters - all indoors!

Where are the luxury home hot spots?

Florida, Nashville, Aspen, Arizona, Texas