What to Know About Real Estate in Jupiter, FL

What to Know About Real Estate in Jupiter, FL

Camilla and Nikko, a husband and wife team, founded jup.co in 2022 with the desire to offer a more personal and discreet way of serving clients in Jupiter, FL. Whether it’s marketing homes or tracking down the right property for a highly discerning client, we rely on a diverse skill set to serve a sophisticated client base. Here we interview them to find out what to know about real estate in the Jupiter area.

Please tell us a little about your business JUP.co

JUP is a boutique real estate advisory. We make it easy to uncover the best opportunities in Jupiter. We help people looking for unique properties in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the United States. For sellers, we offer a very high level of service to ensure optimal outcomes.

What inspired you to create JUP?

The love for the area. We have both lived in Europe, Asia, California and Florida. We love to travel but Jupiter has it all. From beaches to boating and the most beautiful intercoastal waterway, it is hard to want to leave. We love raising our kids here and saw an opportunity to share our love for the area with other people who share similar interests.

What five words best describe JUP? 

Personalized, knowledgeable, authentic, progressive, instantaneous

Who is the JUP customer?

We mostly work with families. Having a home in Jupiter is great for quality time and there is so much for kids and young families to do together. It’s fairly common to have families who are spread out want to have a place to all get together. People who buy homes in Jupiter tend to be looking for that special view or sanctuary, which is exactly what we can offer.

Where is your favorite place in Jupiter and why? 

There are so many. The inlet is a magical place. Just to see the currents as the tides change is captivating. Up the Indian river you get this bright turquoise water and there is so much wildlife from fish, turtles and manatees. The Blowing Rocks preserve is also incredible. We love to go for long walks there and once you are up the beach you can’t see any signs of human development. It’s very special to have a protected area like that to see what Florida used to be like.

What are your top tips for real estate in Jupiter?

Over time the natural protected areas and urban planning in Jupiter is going to make this area even more desirable. Even if the rest of Florida continues to develop, there is simply no more land to develop in Jupiter so once you have your slice of paradise, it’s likely to stay that way. If you value beautiful nature, Jupiter is hard to beat.

What makes working with JUP so unique and special? 

Probably the level of personal service we offer each client. Everything we do from the market research to give clients a full picture to the time we spend getting to understand a customer’s preferences is built around giving them the best service. When we start working with a client, everything is focused on pleasing them. It’s all personalized, and I think that makes all the difference in the world.

What personally inspires you? 

There’s nothing more exciting than being part of someone’s dream project. Whether that’s a beachfront estate or a home with a dock because someone always wanted to have their boat docked where they live. In Jupiter there are even some homes where you can have beach front and a dock on the intercoastal. That is just the ultimate combination.

What is your most memorable experience in Jupiter? 

Seeing two turtles playing in the ocean after laying their eggs at Blowing Rocks. The conservation efforts over the last 30-40 years have really increased turtle nesting populations and it is so special to see them here. I remember coming to see the turtles nest at night when I was a little boy and to think that now, some 30 years later some of those turtles that hatched then are able to return to lay their eggs is very special.

Why Jupiter?

Even 10 years ago, Jupiter felt a bit far from the action of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach. There wasn’t a lot of entertainment and I was in a different life stage. Now, with kids, and all the new restaurants and shops that have opened in Jupiter, it really offers the perfect combination of conveniences and lifestyle for us.

I also have to say that the people here are the nicest in Palm Beach County. Whether going to the local supermarket or just talking to people at a park, Jupiter residents are genuinely nice to each other and we like that a lot.

The combination of the ocean, the preserved nature, family-friendliness, the restaurant scene, most of all- the people.

What is next for JUP?

We want to make an impact on some charities we hold close to our hearts this year.

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