Interview with Princess Kasia Al Thani of Qatar

Interview with Princess Kasia Al Thani of Qatar
Your luxury shopping business,, allows customers more time for leisure activities. How often are you able to travel for pleasure and who comes with you?

I am so fortunate because my business is online which means I can travel all over the world and not lose track of anything. I also have a fantastic management team that I rely on. I travel quite a lot for business and we try to get away for leisure whenever the kids have school vacations.

As a mother of three, do you have any tips for families traveling with children?

Always take a portable DVD player with their favorite movies. My kids also love coloring books – they can keep them occupied for hours.

How do you choose a hotel when you travel and what services do you consider essential?

I choose a hotel based on the size of the rooms. I have three children and I like them to always stay in the same suite as my husband and myself. I also consider the service to be of utmost importance – I really rate prompt and efficient room service.

What activities do you enjoy on holiday? Is shopping among them?

Yes, shopping is definitely at the top of my list. I also like to do activities with the children such as water sports and taking them to see and discover new places.

What are your luxury requirements when you travel on business?

That the hotel I stay in has a good spa, to help me unwind after a long flight and a hectic schedule.

What has been your favorite destination to date and what is at the top of your "Must see" list?

One of my all time favorite places is Miami and a 'Must See' there is South Beach. It combines beautiful beaches with fun, fabulous restaurants and fantastically charismatic people.