Interview with the Concierge of IGUAZU GRAND Resort, Spa & Casino

Interview with the Concierge of IGUAZU GRAND Resort, Spa & Casino
Why should travelers visit your destination and your hotel right now? What is new and exciting?

Iguazú Falls is about to be chosen as one of the "New 7 Natural Wonders of the World", an incredible haven of peace, ideal for nature and adventure lovers. Our hotel is only 15 minutes away from this wonderful site and offers the best choice for families, couples, groups and guests looking for the most comfortable accommodations and facilities near the falls.

What unique experiences and special access can you provide to your guests outside the hotel to make their visit most memorable?

We provide private and VIP transfers all around Iguazú (by-passing long lines at the Argentinean-Brazilian border), personal guides for private bird-watching tours, bookings for exclusive helicopter rides over the falls, unique tailor-made itineraries with English-speaking naturalists.

What are the most worthwhile sights and activities at your destination?

Iguazú National Park: 300 individual waterfalls than can be seen and experienced from different viewpoints. The boat ride under the falls is a "must-do" and ideally guests should visit both sides of the falls (Argentine and Brazilian).

What are the top restaurants?

El Jardín: our main restaurant is known both by guests and locals as Iguazú's top dining venue for its ambience, service and gourmand style.

Doña Flor: located only 5 minutes away by car, offers a panoramic view of the Three Frontiers Landmark and delicious local dishes.

Which unique shops and boutiques do you recommend?

Puerto Iguazú Duty Free Shop: it is located only 400 metres away from the hotel and is open everyday from 9 to 9.

Have new technologies affected how guests can interact with you?

We have added direct communication channels such as our E-Concierge who caters to guests needs in advance of their stay; increased customers' feedback by designing online surveys, developed long-term relationships with Facebook and Twitter members.

What are some idiosyncrasies about your destination that visitors should know? Do you have any Do's and Don'ts for travelers?

Iguazú is a natural destination located in a sub-tropical climate, surrounded by jungle and exotic plants. Visitors should be prepared to sacrifice some everyday comforts (damp weather and mosquitoes, wet clothes) for a close-up experience with the falls.

What are some in-room surprises you can provide?

Exotic flower bouquet; birthday breakfast delivered by favorite cartoon character (for kids); exclusive dinner prepared by the chef (en suite); private card tournament with groupier (Poker or Black-Jack).

Can you give us advice for tipping the Concierge for services rendered?

Tips for exceptional handling of services are in order, since there is no convened percentage, guests should decide for themselves (not lower than 10%).

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