Introducing Castell Son Claret, Mallorca

Introducing Castell Son Claret, Mallorca
Mallorca is set to welcome a new jewel to the island; Castell Son Claret. This 325 acre historical estate has been painstakingly restored and transformed into an extraordinary sanctuary, located in the midst of breathtaking purity, nature and beauty. At the heart of the offering is the promise to provide guests with an experience best defined by luxury, quality, relaxation and recuperation.

Protected by the Tramuntana mountain range, designated in 2011 by UNESCO as a world-natural-heritage site, the discerning traveller will find an exceptional refuge of elegance and tranquillity. Close to Puerto Portals in the province of Calvía, the 5-Star-Deluxe estate Castell Son Claret offers a rare and bygone treat under the mantra of: “The Luxury of Silence”.

Castell Son Claret has such a spellbinding effect on those who visit that Fernando Perez Arellano, celebrated culinary virtuoso from Madrid, and creator of the Michelin-starred restaurant, Zaranda, has decided to relocate his team behind the castle walls. “Castell Son Claret is a paradise,” says Fernando about his decision to move. “I have found my own personal haven here, a place where I can indulge and delight our guests.”

Owners Klaus-Michael Kühne and his wife Christine placed great emphasis in lovingly restoring the 18th century historical castle and the surrounding stables and guardhouses in intricate detail, enhancing where required to provide the most elegant and modern fundamentals of comfort. Extensions have been developed with the utmost care, preserving the intimacy of the original splendour of the estate and the vast gardens.

The holistic approach to the retreat philosophy at the heart of the Castell Son Claret offering renders the Bellesa de Claret spa an extension of the relaxation experience. Away from the main manor guests can indulge in expertly crafted massages under the “Pocos Nuvols”, the outdoor tents which form part of the property’s spa offering. Bellesa de Claret provides an eclectic treatment and activity menu based upon a four-pillar philosophy of “Inner and Outer Glow” which not only focuses on beauty but also works to rebalance and restore guest’s mental and physical wellbeing.

This spring, the first guests will be able to enjoy the impressive architectural and natural beauty of the Castell Son Claret and its 325-acre grounds. General Manager Fiona Riesch leads a wonderful team of discreet hosts, delivering seamless and uncomplicated luxury service that results in memorable experiences.

Castell Son Claret is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World.

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