Introducing Nao Beach, A New Beach Club in St Barth

Introducing Nao Beach, A New Beach Club in St Barth

Situated at the heart of Saint Jean Bay, NAO BEACH is a testament to the islanders’ way of life: from the azure horizons to the heavenly beaches.

A new beach club is born in Saint-Barthélemy, where the sound of the crashing waves and the warm Caribbean breeze are the perfect partners to a unique and festive culinary experience.


A match made in Heaven: when Japanese sophistication meets Mediterranean exuberance

NOA BEACH boasts a prime spot upon one of the largest and most beautiful beaches of the whole island. Its décor is steeped in tropical and Mediterranean inspirations: delicate hues of beige, Terre de Sienne and terracotta make up the venue, elegantly and expertly put together by Lelièvre and Elitis.

The elegant and contemporary furniture, tailor made, is all a production of French craftsmanship, both from the mainland and overseas territories. Use of sustainable materials has been a priority, to ensure that the project respects its natural environment: recycled fluted wood, tables made of certified wood, furniture draped in artisanal palm leaf weavings, screens allowing natural shade.


A delicate blend of Japanese finesse and Mediterranean warmth

NAO BEACH draws from the traditions of Japanese gastronomy as well as from the vibrancy of Mediterranean cuisine, to offer a totally novel experience on Saint Barth’s white sands.

The menu is the brainchild of two different chefs: chef Kawaï (executive chef BLACK CODE GROUP, NOBU LA) and chef Alexandre Delage, who heads the ANNIE FAMOSE GROUP culinary establishments, and has since 2019. Both have pooled their talent and personal skill and sensibilities to create a novel, fresh and unique menu.

Local produce is equally showcased, as witnessed in the wahoo carpaccio seasoned with citrus and fennel, or the superb yuzu kosho lobster sauce vierge.

Exceptional products are also available, such as the Golden Imperial Caviar that is found in the toro tataki smoked aubergine and stracciatella, and sourced in a responsible manner.

Other elements of the menu that will no doubt become standard bearers for the Club including creations such as the grilled octopus jalapeño and Riviera condiment, the trio of wagyu burgers, and the extensive offer of vegetarian dishes (including the Japanese style Caprese and chilled coco-cucumber curry soup). Also a highlight is Blackcode Group’s signature dish, the miso marinated Black Cod.


Partying as if in Pampelonne, but in the Caribbean!

Nao Beach enjoys a prime location surrounded with luxuriant vegetation, and is only a few minutes from Gustavia, a situation that is akin to the mythical and vibrant bay of Pamplonne. The venue draws from the best of what the Côte d’Azur lifestyle has to offer, creating its own unique identity in the Caribbean.  Late afternoons will come alive as a celebration to seize the day, to be happy and together. It shall be elegant and exclusive, set across from the dazzling sunsets of Saint-Jean Bay, to be enjoyed while sipping an Osaka Sour…


Until sunset, the bar offers modern and creative cocktails that blend Japanese flavors to Mediterranean influences, thus creating a new dimension to standard drinks.

The ultimate Nao Beach experience is enjoyed with one’s feet in the sand, gazing at the clouds and a cocktail in hand… living in a dream while fully awake.


Private beach and Restaurant
130 seats, exterior.
DJ set 7/7 all season long
Sunbeds available on reservation

Baie de Saint-Jean, 97133 Saint-Barthélemy
+590 590 77 47 48
Instagram : naobeachstbarths/