Introducing Wild Wolf Ranch - Joshua Tree’s Eclectic Desert Hacienda Retreat

Introducing Wild Wolf Ranch - Joshua Tree’s Eclectic Desert Hacienda Retreat

Costume Designer turned self-made architect Maranda Nichols is excited to introduce Wild Wolf Ranch - Joshua Tree’s Eclectic Desert Hacienda Retreat – designed by her wild imagination, and made by her hands. Step into Wild Wolf Ranch, a sanctuary to connect to nature, wildlife and yourself.

In February of 2018, Maranda and her husband Rob lost a dear friend to suicide and bipolar disorder. All of the emotions that flow in tandem with a great loss made Nichols want to do ‘more’. Maranda knew there was a way to help others in the Southern California community, and beyond, find a place of peace and inspiration – a place to connect to nature, and most importantly, their deepest and highest selves. This is how Wild Wolf Ranch was conceived.

As a Costume Designer in the Film and TV Industry, Maranda was trained to think outside the box, quickly, efficiently and creatively. Unknowingly, she tackled the design, construction and build of Wild Wolf Ranch the same way. Each space of the ranch was crafted with intention - How the space will be used and lived in. How it will help heal. What colors, textures and patterns will inspire creativity and tell a story, but also provide comfort, while still feeling at one with Joshua Tree National Park.

Maranda didn’t just design the spaces - she made them with her own two hands. Every inch of the floors, every single wall, each and every tile; there's nothing of substance in the retreat, no matter how big or small, that was not thoughtfully fashioned by Nichols. Maranda took over a year to carefully design every detail and source special vintage items furnishings from around the world. A majority of pieces found in the ranch – from the doors, down to flatware and a California Poppy-printed couch – are one of a kind and cannot be replaced or duplicated. She then spent another year building the entire interior, down to placing every penny, one by one, in the penny shower. Maranda describes Wild Wolf Ranch as an ‘eclectic desert hacienda with a vintage twist’, where the outdoors are inside. The ranch is a fully fenced 8.5 acres - full of mature rare Joshua Trees, Yucca, species of cacti, and wild animals - not to mention the stunning panoramic views of the mesa, mountains, and surrounding desert. Wild Wolf Ranch is a 3 bed, 2.5 bath Adobe Hacienda with a full open indoor/outdoor courtyard, with an additional 1-acre double-fenced backyard to keep any personal pets who visit the property close by. The Ranch has a full outdoor shower, outdoor dining area, hot tub spa, a soaker Cowboy pool for 6, gathering spaces with 2 warming fires, and a Multi-use Yoga/meditation GeoDome.

Wild Wolf Ranch is named after Maranda & Rob’s two Husky rescues, June and Henry, who channel the wildness of wolves more and more each day. Maranda and Rob find the connection a wolf has to the entire ecosystem as a symbol of strength and natural beauty - thus, they have built the retreat, and are opening its doors, to share its high vibration, with the world. Maranda and Rob plan to host retreats of every kind, while providing healing, therapy, and safe spaces where people from all over can come and connect to their land, their animals and the magic that comes with Joshua Tree.

“Our space is intended for retreats, but due to COVID we have only been able to host small groups of guests – but it has still been extremely rewarding. I welcome each and every guest in person for a masked and social distanced tour of our home. I let them know about the intentions of Wild Wolf Ranch - that seems to set the tone beautifully. The reviews we receive from guests are what truly warm my heart and make it all worth it. Each family, or ‘pod’ has since created their own healing experiences - they connect to our land, every inch of our home, they notice the difference in vibrations and the sense of ease the entire property asks for upon entering. You truly have to see it and experience it to understand, the magic happens once you walk through the doors and breathe.” – Maranda Nichols

Maranda’s plans for the post-pandemic future of Wild Wolf Ranch are endless – an animal rescue with horses, zebras, alpacas, llamas, goats, chickens and huskies; larger retreats and healing gatherings; and building additional spaces to provide the ability to host & heal more people.

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